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USS Altai

It's been more than a decade since the Dominion War ended. In that time, the United Federation of Planets has enjoyed relative prosperity. Starfleet has returned to pre-war levels while science and exploration have once again become its primary missions.

The USS Altai, under the command of Captain Osegan Trenna, has been charged with pushing beyond the bounds of Federation-explored space. In that stead, they have already encountered two new sentient species, the Qlo'ka and Glurone. This encounter did occur without incident, but repairs have now been completed, even if the ship remains understaffed.

Despite the shortage of crew, Starfleet orders the Altai to proceed to the Alpha Remidian system to investigate the disappearance of a planetary survey team. The team, a mix of Starfleet and civilian specialists, were in the Alpha Remidian system cataloging planets for possible Federation colonization efforts. The team was last due to report in two weeks ago. A first attempt to locate the team was abandoned when the ship assigned was struck by a system cascade failure, resulted in the ship being towed to a nearby starbase.

Two away teams are now on the surface, one led by Captain Osegan, the other by Commander Talbot. The teams are searching for the missing survey team, a task made more difficult by having equipment that isn't working.

And they might not be alone.

Join the Altai to help maintain a peaceful Federation and further the exploration of the Gamma Quadrant. We’ve met two new species this mission and the quadrant is full of more opportunities. So much to discover in the Gamma Quadrant!

Current Open Positions:
--Chief Engineer
--Chief Tactical Officer
--Chief of Security
--Chief Medical Officer
--Chief Flight Control Officer
--Assistant Chiefs in Most Departments
--Junior Officers and Enlisted Welcome and Encouraged!

22nd Fleet Member Sim

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Latest Mission Posts

» Light the Fires

Mission: Beacon
Posted on Wed Mar 17th, 2021 @ 12:13pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Geoff Martinsen & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot & Lieutenant Evaad Hessen & Lieutenant Praxalin Chromis & Chief Petty Officer Juliana Nuñez

Once they'd returned to the ship after their meeting with Admiral O'Connell and Commander Kos, Trenna had tasked Talbot with working with Engineering to get them ready to get underway as soon as possible. Though both O'Connell and Kos had downplayed it, there were reasons to be concerned about this…

» New Officer on the block

Mission: Intersession
Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 4:55am by Lieutenant JG Carri OZiah

Starbase 11:

Carri was walking about Starbase 11 with her duffel bag and saw a starship she probably could be the right one she wanted. She asked a base Security officer of Starbase 11 if it was the USS-Altai, and the security officer nodded yes. Carri smiled and nodded…

» Long Way Down

Mission: Beacon
Posted on Sat Feb 27th, 2021 @ 9:48pm by Lieutenant Praxalin Chromis

“Ahh, there it is.”

Praxalin knelt down on his double-jointed legs, folding them under him as he did so, and opened the lid of the crate. He carefully played his fingertips over the soft padding that the equipment within was nestled into. The vestigial claw tips of his fingers click…

» Pharos

Mission: Beacon
Posted on Sun Jan 24th, 2021 @ 8:05pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot

"Captain Osegan is bringing her XO," Mackenzie said. "Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot. He was the Chief Engineer when Osegan took command. From reports, he looks to be doing a decent job. As is the Captain."

The redhead looked at her companion. She'd been detailed to Admiral O'Connell several months previous,…

» Sparks

Mission: Beacon
Posted on Tue Jan 19th, 2021 @ 2:15am by Captain Osegan Trenna

Captain's Log, Stardate 67250.47.

The last couple of days have been good. Most of the crew have spent at least some of their time off the ship. Everyone works so hard, especially with us being understaffed. I trust that the increased downtime will help everyone keep at it longer.


Latest Personal Logs

» To Mom

Posted on Sat Dec 28th, 2019 @ 10:38pm by Lieutenant Alan Pierce

Dear Mom,

I know been to long between letters so I'd sit send a quick update. My new assignment is off to a great start, so far Starfleet as managed to lose my luggage in the Alti's haste to launch our current mission. I've yet to have an official briefing…