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The Federation has enjoyed relative prosperity since the Dominion War ended more than a decade ago. Starfleet has largely been rebuilt to pre-war levels. Science and exploration have once again become the primary missions of Starfleet. Though there have been some skirmishes of late, the Federation has remained dedicated to its peaceful mission. Diplomatic efforts have proven successful in reigning in would-be military conflicts.

The current mission is to survey a recently discovered pulsar. While conducting scans of the pulsar, sensor interference was noticed, leading to an investigation. A team took a runabout to the far side of the pulsar and were able to use a resonance pulse and uncovered a hidden ship of an unknown design. The Altai contacted the ship, Zynd’ra, and invited the crew to dinner. During the meal, the Altai was boarded and the Zynd’ra’s crew was kidnapped.

Altai has taken fire from a cloaked vessel, which has made fighting back difficult. But the Altai’s crew does their best to retrieve the kidnapped Qlo’ka. When the Glurone ship decloaks, it’s size is intimidating.

How do the Qlo’ka and Glurone know each other?

Does the Federation have a new Gamma Quadrant ally in the Qlo'ka? And perhaps a new enemy in the Glurone?

Join the Altai to help maintain a peaceful Federation and further the exploration of the Gamma Quadrant. We’ve met two new species this mission and the quadrant is full of more opportunities. So much to discover in the Gamma Quadrant!

Current Open Positions:
--Chief Science Officer
--Chief Tactical Officer
--Chief of Security
--Chief Medical Officer
--Chief Flight Control Officer
--Assistant Chiefs in Most Departments
--Junior Officers and Enlisted Welcome and Encouraged!

22nd Fleet Member Sim

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Latest Mission Posts

» Pleading

Mission: Searching for the Lost
Posted on Sat Dec 7th, 2019 @ 7:19pm by Captain Osegan Trenna

"Commander Ishi is not doing well."

Allison turned to where one of the Vulcan geologists, Dr. Stenak, was sitting next to the injured leader of their team. Like everyone else on the team, Allison Waverly was tired and hungry. They were just about out of food, having stretched the rations…

» Departure

Mission: Searching for the Lost
Posted on Mon Nov 25th, 2019 @ 1:51pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Geoff Martinsen & Petty Officer 1st Class Finnegan Siosifa & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Batchelder & Lieutenant Alan Pierce & Ensign Calvin Nash & Ensign Atyhle sh'Paveress

An alarm sounded from the chronometer and Trenna set down her PADD. She had been reviewing the information about each of the team members. Five civilian scientists of moderate reputation and three Starfleet officers, all science division. The team leader, Lieutenant Commander Renyo Ishi, was an atmospheric chemist who could…

» A Bad Situation

Mission: Searching for the Lost
Posted on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 @ 11:10pm by Captain Osegan Trenna

Allison looked around the cave. She could barely make out the other members of the survey team; there was very little light in the space. Next to her, Lieutenant Commander Renyo Ishi, the team's leader, was laying on the ground covered with a metallic blanket. Ishi's head wound was sloppily…

» ...To The Rescue?

Mission: Searching for the Lost
Posted on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 @ 8:50pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot

The Altai was still docked at Starbase 221, so Trenna was playing it a bit loose with her time. Since her conversation with Artie several days earlier, she'd gotten back into going to the gym. On this day, she'd gone on a 5 kilometer run before going through a weight…

» Time Away, Part 4

Mission: Brief Respite
Posted on Fri Oct 11th, 2019 @ 4:20pm by Lieutenant Alan Pierce & Ensign Geoff Martinsen

The Starbase 221 dry dock was flurry of activity as the tall human walked the view screens showing varus vessels. He wore a Hawaiian shirt and beige under a long coat, he towed large wheeled luggage case behind him. Over the years Alan had learned that it was best to…