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An Honor

Posted on Wed Nov 21st, 2018 @ 12:08am by Captain Osegan Trenna

I am happy to announce that the USS Altai has been selected as Task Force 9 Sim of the Month for October 2018. Not only have we earned this fine honor, but we were unanimously nominated. For those unaware, COs submit monthly reports to their TF command staff. One of the items in the report is to nominate a sim in the TF for Sim of the Month.

As per the FNS press release:

"The Altai has the unique honour of having been nominated unanimously and the nominations are well deserved. The current mission has seen both high character development and one of the best implementations of a first contact scenario I have ever seen. The wealth of new lore will enrich Task Force 9 for years to come and further serves to enrich the rather limited show-canon regarding non-Dominion Gamma Quadrant powers and species."

(The Federation News Service article can be seen here.)

I want to thank all of you for your part in the sim being honored. I've been very impressed with this sim and I hope you're having a good time writing here.

Congratulations, everyone!


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Category: Sim Announcement