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Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Batchelder

Name Jonathan Batchelder

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 165
Hair Color Salt + Pepper
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A somewhat imposing man, Jonathan (Jon as he prefers,) clearly takes care of himself, and puts forth a decent amount of effort in his physical appearance. He stands a bit taller than the average human male, and while not built like an Adonis, is in fairly good shape. He keeps his gray hair relatively short, and his cobalt blue eyes are expressive


Sister(s) Helena - 40 - Starfleet
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jon's personality ebbs and wanes, depending on what's going on. In important or stressful situations, he can best be called terse and no-nonsense. He has seen a lifetime of battle, and as such, when battle is called, he generally buckles down and just does what needs to be done.

Conversely, during normal operations, Jon has a kindly attitude toward his direct reports, and does his best to make sure that they are well taken care of.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:
- A lifetime of Engineering knowledge
- Decent Leadership Skills
- Well-respected among his peers.

- Survivor of several battles and wars has taken an emotional toll
- Tends to hyperfocus when the going gets tough
Ambitions Jon's primary ambition is to serve aboard a ship that does little more than explore uncharted new territories.
Hobbies & Interests Jon's interests are wide, and varied. Ultimately, he most enjoys time spent taking in performances of classical music, or reading.

Personal History Jonathan was born in 2336 in Seattle, Earth.

After graduating from his primary education, he went on to apply for, and be accepted to Starfleet Academy. Finding he had a love for taking things apart and putting them back together, as well as a knack for upkeep of systems.

After graduating, Jonathan was assigned to the USS Delaware, a Miranda class vessel. He enjoyed serving on the small engineering crew, for the six years that he was stationed there.

In 2363, he was promoted to Lt(jg) and posted to the USS Reykjavik, an Excelsior Class starship. He served frequently alongside (and on the same shift as) the Assistant Chief Engineer while stationed on this ship. In 2366, the Reykjavik was in the battle of Wolf 359, and barely limped away, having lost 90% of her crew. Jonathan was the highest ranking member of the Engineering Crew left standing, and was reporting to the Assistant Chief of Operations while the ship slowly made its way back to Earth.

Between 2366-2367, Jonathan took a leave of absence to process and deal with the emotional trauma he experienced because of the battle.

In 2367, Jonathan was assigned to the USS Monitor, a Galaxy class starship. He enjoyed that this posting was mostly exploring the fringes of Federation space, and it really allowed him to develop meaningful relationships with the crew of the ship, including some friendships that last to this day. Ultimately, at the onset of the Dominion War, his services were needed elsewhere, and he was re-assigned.

In 2373, Jonathan was promoted to Lt, assigned as the Chief Engineer of the USS Yamatai, an Akira class starship. Jonathan severely disliked this posting. He found the ship to be perfectly capable, but loathed serving on a warship, and felt that ships like the Akira class broke the main tenets of the Federation. He retreated deep into introversion during the Dominion War, and witnessed atrocities he is still loathe to speak of to present day.

In 2375, owing to skilled service during the Dominion War, Jonathan's frequent request to serve on a smaller, exploratory ship was approved, and he was was re-assigned to the USS Sarek, a Nova class starship. This was more in line with what Jonathan wanted his career to entail, and through frequent trips to the ship's counselor, and fostering new relationships with a tightly knit, family type of crew, he began to mend his wounds from the Dominion War. In 2384, he was promoted to LtCdr due to his exemplary service on the Sarek.

In 2387, he accepted his new, and current posting.
Service Record B. 2336

2354-2358 - Starfleet Academy

2358-2363 - USS Delaware - Engineering Officer - Ensign

2363-2366 - USS Reykjavik - Engineering Officer - Lt(jg)

2366-2367 - LOA

2367-2373 - USS Monitor - Engineer/Assistant Chief - Lt(jg)

2373-2375 - USS Yamatai - Chief Engineer - Lt

2375-2387 - USS Sarek - Chief Engineer - Lt