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Lieutenant T'merron

Name T'merron

Position Chief of Security

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 119 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description A rarity for the Vulcan people T'merron has bronze skin unlike the pale skin of most Vulcans. Like all Vulcans she has pointed ears and arched eyebrows. T'merron works out and studies several forms of martial arts and meditation to keep her body and mind in great condition.


Father Captain Savar - Commanding Officer - USS Franklin - Excalibur Class
Mother Captain T'minar, MD - Commanding Officer - Starbase 174 , medical facility
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview T’merron like all Vulcans uses logic in all things and are void of emotion or at least don’t let other see them. A very dedicated and protective Security Officer the young Vulcan has put her life at risk for that of her Commanding Officer, Executive Officer and countless others more times than she can count.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Like all Vulcans 3 times stronger than the average Human
+Quicker reflexes

-Often over protective
Ambitions T’merron isn’t completely sure what her path is. She knows she would like to continue through the ranks of Starfleet Security and see what opportunities lie before her.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, meditation, holodeck time

Personal History The one and only child born to a pair of Vulcan Starfleet Officers, remained nameless until her naming day and like all Vulcan children started training at a very early age. Being exposed to mathematics and other basic studies were standard in Vulcan homes. Being their home was aboard the USS Healy the typical Vulcan tradition of a pre arranged marriage didn’t take place and the family broke several traditions but it was worth it to all of them, even T’merron. The pair of Starfleet Officers were doing great things with their shipmates Lieutenant Savar was Chief Science Officer and alongside his mate Lieutenant T’Minar the Healy’s Chief Medical Officer had saved an entire planet from a plague.

They were both given awards and asked to instruct at Starfleet Academy. When she was eight not only her parents but her grandparents all lived in a rather large home on Earth. They all helped T’merron with her studies not only school work but Vulcan studies as well. By this time the young girl had become quite good at preliminary telepathic communication, etiquette, and her families history.

Before T’merron was considered a teen by Earth standards she knew the pressure points to mind meld and like most Vulcans her age took part in a curriculum where they learnt the most rudimentary telesper skills to better control their innate telepathic abilities. Suppressing her feelings and emotions proved quite difficult for T’merron at first, but she eventually mastered the techniques she had been taught.

By the time T’merron was of age she left her parents on the Healy and went on to Starfleet Academy. She did well at general studies and basic training courses and gained high marks in target practice and use of Starfleet weapons. The Vulcan gained the highest marks of her class both defensive and offensive hand to hand combat. It was something her father and grandfather had taught her since a young age. The Cadet even received a reprimand when her sparring partner accept defeat and kept attacking more and more aggressively. When T as she had been called by her fellow Cadets pinned her fellow Cadet this time she used the Vulcan nerve pinch on him and gave the young man a little nap.

The graduating Cadet would immerse herself in her first assignment. She proved to be a very dedicated and reliable young Security Officer and within the first two years of service T’merron was a Lieutenant Junior Grade and Assistant Chief Security Officer aboard the first ship she served on. Her journey would continue aboard the USS Findley for several more years until the aging Ambassador class starship was up for decommission and the crew of the Findley were transferred to the USS Covington.

Most of the crew would stick together aboard the Galaxy class USS Covington. There would be a few changes when some tragic and some not so tragic events took place over the years aboard the vessel. The Chief Security Officer and Chief Medical Officer would fall in love, get married and transfer to another vessel as Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer. That put T’merron in line for a promotion and she accepted when she was offered the role of Chief Security Officer she accepted and lead a tight but very successful security department aboard the Covington she received several commendations before being granted leave with her parents. .

Just days after she turned thirty she was given a week leave and reunited with her parents. She hadn’t seen them in several years and was about as ‘happy’ as a Vulcan could be. Four days later T’merron received orders to join the USS Altrai as Chief Security Officer, she was interested to see where the adventures aboard the Steamrunner class starship would journey on. .
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Security Operations - Cadet
USS Findley - Security Officer - Ensign
USS Findley - Assistant Chief Security Officer - Lieutenant (JG)
USS Covington - Chief Security Officer - ??
USS Altrai - Chief Security Officer - ??