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Lieutenant Evaad Hessen

Name Evaad Hessen

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 168cm
Weight 67kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Evaad is short and thin, owing to negligence of his personal health for many years, though he had worked hard to maintain Starfleet fitness requirements. His hair and eyes are consistent with most Betazoids.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Reevan Hessen (deceased)
Mother Zannah Hessen (deceased)
Brother(s) Jhonen Hessen (older brother, deceased)
Sister(s) Rielle Hessen (younger sister)
Other Family Semi-Sentient Holographic creations:
-Instructor Emmanuelle Larose
-Assistant Amina al-Fayad
-Counselor Ciara Moran
-Coach Lena Park
-Yeoman Thassi zh'kohlat

Personality & Traits

General Overview Evaad is extremely reserved. He will interact with his crewmates and department members as required by his position, but generally avoids them while off-duty unless really pushed to do so. He interacts quite normally with holograms. He has permission to maintain holoemitters in his quarters for companionship and mental health.
Strengths & Weaknesses Evaad is a technical genius and what computer and mechanical systems he doesn’t know he can learn very quickly.

His isolationism is an obvious weakness. He swings from seeing a need to be more social and having strong desires to cut the world out. Some view his attachment to holograms as weird.
Ambitions Evaad’s ambitions still revolve around making incredible improvements into hologram technology. He sees their potential for development into wonderful new systems and possibly new forms of sentient life.

He has shown himself to be useful in a crisis, and after two successive promotions, finds he actually likes being a Starfleet Officer and wants to continue impressing his Captain and First Officer.
Hobbies & Interests When not working or playing in Holodecks, Evaad loves hobbies that are done alone. He reads a lot, and builds crafts and puzzles.

Personal History Evaad Hessen was born on Betazed to an artist father and a tailor mother. Together with his older brother Jhonen and younger sister Rielle, Evaad had a happy childhood living in peace. His family frequently visited other Federation worlds, but home was always Betazed. As a burgeoning young telepath, he worked to master nonverbal communication and listening to thoughts, as well as effectively blocking other minds out actively and passively.

Evaad's family was still living on Betazed when the Dominion landed in 2374. He was only 16 years old at the time. He had not entirely mastered shielding himself from strong thoughts and emotions, and so he felt the psychic pain, horror, and deaths of millions of Betazoids and others living on his homeworld. This included feeling the deaths of his parents and his older brother. He and his younger sister, as well as thousands of traumatized youths who survived the invasion, were deeply scarred by the incident.

Evaad and Rielle were thankfully evacuated from Betazed as the last of Starfleet's forces were pulling out. They were relocated to the Proxima Centauri colony, where they lived in a refugee centre for several months. While his sister was able to largely recover from their shared trauma, Evaad continued to feel the suffering of others in a way that he could not block out. Despite months of counseling, Evaad slowly became a shut-in.

In the final weeks before they were to be relocated to Earth, Evaad mildly injured himself and when he reached the nearby clinic for aid, he found that the medical staff were offsite responding to a crisis. A note directed him to seek the help of the centre's Emergency Medical Holographic program. Evaad was amazed by the idea of a functioning, nearly sentient mind whose thoughts and feelings he could not detect telepathically. After he was treated, he spent as much time as he could with the EMH, and began researching holography. He learned about the sentient EMH aboard the USS Voyager, who had recently made contact with USS Prometheus through an alien satellite network. By the time they left for Earth, Evaad knew that he wanted to surround himself with holographic minds and contribute positively to this field.

Upon reaching Earth, and upon ensuring that Rielle would be safe and well cared for, he enlisted in Starfleet and took all necessary training to become a hologram programmer. He spent four years on Jupiter Station in the lab of Dr. Lewis Zimmerman.

Despite the strong advice of his counselors, Evaad continued removing himself from those around him and surrounded himself with holograms of increasing sentience. To him, they became true companions that did not overwhelm his senses. The counselor aboard Jupiter Station was at least reassured by the fact that he was not recreating lost loved ones, but moving forward to create wholly new individuals. Friends, love interests, each increasingly intelligence and sapient.

In the early 2380s, his expertise was tapped to explore options for the Starfleet Marine Corps. For two years, he programmed new and challenging training opponents for Marines. He even came up with options to develop a fully holographic Marine platoon, deployable on starships, space stations, or potentially on planets equipped with emitters, though this controversial idea was shelved before much development. As he was becoming more comfortable around the test evaluation teams, his counselor recommended he consider transitioning from his solitary lifestyle into life aboard a starship. He spent one year in Starfleet Academy to become a Starfleet Officer, though he experimented with taking some classes remotely via Holodecks.

After graduation, he served as an Operations Officer aboard the USS Saturn as an Ensigm for three years. While he struggled, he managed to slowly advanced his social skills and made some close friends. He was still permitted to install basic holoprojectors in his quarters, to surround himself most closely with hologram friends.

In 2389, he was promoted to Lieutenant (jg) and transferred to USS Altai in the Gamma Quadrant.
Service Record 2376-2377: Trainee, Starfleet Training Centre, Luna (Crewman Recruit)
2377-2378: Hologram Technician’s Apprentice, Jupiter Station (Crewman Apprentice
2378-2380: Hologram Technician, Jupiter Station (Crewman)
2380-2383: Senior Hologram Technician, Jupiter Station (Petty Officer 3rd Class)
2383-2385: Senior Hologram Design and Testing Officer, Starfleet Marine Corps Testing Ground, Mars (Warrant Officer)
2385-2386: Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Senior Cadet)
2386-2389: Operations Officer, USS Saturn (Ensign)
2389-present: Chief Operations Officer, USS Altai (Lieutenant jg; promoted to Lieutenant shortly thereafter)