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Lieutenant Octavio Montoya

Name Octavio Francisco Montoya

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 196 lbs
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Tall, and very athletic, with curly hair, a well trimmed beard, and piercing hazel eyes. When off duty tends to wear fashionable clothing, such as slacks, nice shoes, and button down shirts, which he leaves unbuttoned a bit to show off his chest. He has no tattoos, but does have one rather big scar from an accident involving a diving trip, and an old shipwreck where his leg was sliced open by a piece of the ruptured bulkhead. He chose to leave it as a reminder of what failing to pay attention can cost you. He speaks with an accent, though it has faded over the years, as he’s been away from his home in Havana, Cuba.


Spouse Thiago Torres & Isabella Figueroa
Father Tomas Montoya ; 86 (Botanist)
Mother Maria Montoya; 79 (Horticulturalist)
Brother(s) Marcello Montoya; 39 (CMO - USS Devonshire)
Sister(s) Elizabeth Montoya; 26 (Engineering Officer - USS Montego)
Other Family Francesca Suerte; 46 (Biological Mother), Octavio Rincon (Biological Father - Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tavi is a very private man. Even those who get to know him must do so in layers, peeling them back one by one as he decides to trust them enough to open up to them. He makes friends slowly because of this, but it does have a certain benefit, in that he does tend to know the person quite well, and can be assured they are of a good quality. He is quite mature, even more so than his age would generally predict, and as such isn’t much of a social butterfly, preferring a quiet evening at home with a book, or a select few friends, enjoying a good meal, some good wine, and intelligent conversation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong Willed
Ambitions Tavi’s driving ambition is to become an Admiral in the Sec/Tac division, to be on the front lines of the fight to protect the Federation from all its enemies.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, music, dance, physical fitness, martial arts, tactical theory, philosophy.

Personal History Octavio ‘Tavi’ Montoya was born in Havana, Cuba, and adopted two months later by an elderly retired couple, who lived in the Viñales Valley area of Cuba, on a specialized farm where his mother could practice her craft as a horticulturist specializing in flowers, and hybridization. His father assisted her, while also growing all of the food the family ate.

It wasn’t until Tavi was in his early teens that he was told by his parents that he was adopted, and also allowed to meet his birth mother. She explained to him the reasons why she had to put him up for adoptions, including the fact that his father, an unrepentant drunk, had died unexpectedly in a bar fight a week after she was married to him, leaving her a single mother, with no family, and no support for raising a child. Instead of raising him in what she believed would be poor conditions she put him up for adoption through a private agency, and sponsored the Montoya’s to adopt him. Tavi accepted this all well, even thanking her for placing him with such a loving, and successful family, where he was able to grow and learn so many different things.

After finishing his primary schooling Tavi would go on to apply to sit the exam to try to enter Starfleet Academy. While he was an adequate student in school he knew full well that his path didn’t lead down the path of either engineering, or science, and he struggled to decide which he would most prefer to do out of the remaining paths to choose from. Finally, after debating with himself, and discussing it with his parents, he settled on tactical as the one most suited to him. He’d always been an athletic person, including contact sports, and things such as boxing, martial arts, and wrestling, so his abilities there would suit him well. He’d also always been a student of history, especially martial philosophy, and enjoyed learning about the tactics that had served the leaders of various battles well over the years. It didn’t hurt that he’d taken to combat training, with and without weapons in his high school's ROTC program.

After sitting the exam, and being accepted he formally chose the Tactical career track and began his formal education with Starfleet. Because of his time with the ROTC he was fast tracked a bit through his first year training, but beyond that it became a grueling, daily grind the forced him to face his own deficiencies in discipline, and even in cases of physical fitness where he’d slacked off, or hadn’t even known he should be focused. All in all, however, it was a fulfilling experience, that took a young man, with plenty of goals, but no real understanding of how to get there, and honed him into an officer, ready, willing, and able to serve Starfleet, and the citizens of the Federation.

Upon graduation he was posted to a small vessel, the USS Oberon, as a junior security officer. While there he was assigned to the armory, and the brig for most of the two years he was there, with only minimal bridge time, mostly during the more sedate Gamma Shift. It was initially a very boring posting, but then, one night, while standing watch in the brig, a more experienced officer gave him a bit of advice that struck him just the right way. That advice was “Life is what you make of it. If you aren’t getting what you want out of it, find out why, and fix it.”. A week later Tavi approached the ship’s commanding officer and requested a letter of recommendation for advanced training at Starfleet Academy’s Tactical Command Readiness Campus on Aldebaran III. With a recommendation from the ship’s Chief Tactical Officer she provided the letter, and a month and a half later Tavi would be off to complete the two year training course.

On Aldebaran III Tavi would surprise himself, and his instructors, at showing a genuine ability for tactical command, and leadership. At the age of twenty four many would have expected him to still be fairly green, and stuck in the jar-headed mentality of most young sec/tac officers. He however took to the coursework, and even the physical duties with a certain calm, and determination that showed he was truly ready for the positions his training would open up for him. When he graduated two years later he was a very different person from the one who went in, he’d been promoted to Lieutenant J.G., and he was also married. He had met Thiago, a man only a couple years older than him, who had become an adjunct instructor at the campus after a rather nasty confrontation on his first posting left him sporting a prosthetic leg, and severe PTSD that rendered him unfit for duty as a tactical officer. Thiago, because of his position, and his handicaps, chose to stay on Aldebaran III, while Tavi would go on to find himself on another posting, and would keep in touch via subspace, and also by visiting when he was able.

His first posting out of his training he would be assigned as the assistant chief tactical officer aboard the USS Artemis, a much more tactical heavy ship, to train under one of Starfleet’s most veteran Tactical Chiefs, Commander David Capaldi, a veteran of the Battle of Wolf 359, and also of the Dominion War, as well as multiple skirmishes with both Klingon, and Romulan ships. There, for the next three years, Tavi would give the best service he could, and would impress Capaldi with his knowledge of the job, and his drive, and willingness to do it. When a position came available for a chief position he pushed Tavi to apply, and even reached out to the ship’s CO and CTO to urge them to consider his application heavily.

When word came two months later that his transfer was accepted Tavi was ecstatic. It would be a promotion to Lieutenant, as well as a promotion to department head. His new ship, the USS Baja, was a much older vessel, and he was surprised at how well she’d held up, and was also surprised at how well run the tactical department was aboard the vessel when he arrived. Thankfully he was taking the reins from someone who had chosen to step down, a Lieutenant Commander Amanda Wilkinson, due to the fact that she was pregnant. Of course this meant that his assignment to the USS Baja was likely to be only an interim assignment, but it would give him the much needed experience to seek out a more permanent one.

A year and a half later, after Wilkinson had completed her maternity leave, Tavi was once again confronted with the fact that he was going to be finding another new home, and also getting to know yet another new crew. To pile on the stress, he’d also met someone new, Isabella, a young engineering officer aboard the Baja, with long dark hair, dark brown eyes, and one hell of a good talent for dance.

As he and Thiago had already discussed, and settled on the fact that neither of them was particularly fond of the idea of monogamy, they had an open relationship. However Tavi wasn’t sure exactly how Thiago was going to feel about the fact that he wanted to marry Isabella. He wanted her to be his wife, not just another fling. He felt for her just as he felt for Thiago. After a rather brief, and incredibly surprising conversation with Thiago, in which he’d laughed at Tavi’s irrational fears, he’d given him the blessing to go ahead and propose. He even offered to pull some strings and get her a posting at the shipyards there in the Aldebaran system, so they would be able to get to know one another, and also make Tavi’s life easier when it came time to visit them. A more in depth conversation with both Thiago and Isabella would follow in which the three would come to an agreement about the arrangement, and formalize the engagement.

So, one week before his transfer to his new posting was to take place, and after filing the necessary paperwork with the authorities, Tavi and Isabella were married. Three days later she headed off on the USS Valeria for Aldebaran to take up her new posting at the shipyards, and he began to pack for his new adventure aboard the USS Altai as her chief tactical officer.
Service Record Starfleet Academy – 4yrs (Cadet)
USS Oberon – 2 yrs (Ensign - Junior Tactical Officer)
Tactical Command Readiness Training – 2 yrs (Cadet)
USS Artemis – 3 yrs (Lieutenant J.G. -Assistant Chief Tactical Officer)
USS Baja – 1.5 yrs (Interim Chief Tactical Officer)
USS Altai – Current (Lieutenant - Chief Tactical Officer)