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Lieutenant Praxalin Chromis

Name Praxalin Blue-Flower Chromis

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kenki
Age 12

Physical Appearance

Height 7'2"
Weight 101kg
Hair Color Feathered crest is a light blue, scales run to a light mint green.
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Tall and a lanky, spindly, other such adjectives as to describe a species whose bones only began to fill in their hollows around the time of their industrial revolution. The Kenki are family group-centric saurians, relating more closely to birds than lizards but close enough to still retain scales. Though warm-blooded, his lanky thinned out frame does leave Prax a little chilly.


Spouse Clutch Spouse
Children Clutch Children
Father Hatch Father
Mother Hatch Mother
Brother(s) Many
Sister(s) Many
Other Family Lots

Personality & Traits

General Overview Praxalin is a scientist from a small planet that really only joined the Federation out of a sense of societal obligation. From a familial flock, to the larger formations of states, to a sky full of stars all was as one in the eyes of the Kenki. Be they hairless primates, carnivores, or scale covered.

Prax embodies this ideal in his open-minded exploration of the sciences, and of people and societies he meets. He is as much an ambassador of the Kenki as he is a member of Starfleet, seeking strange new worlds and alien civilisations.

Except for cheese. Allowing bacteria to colonise a lactose base until its solid is just...wrong on so many levels.
Strengths & Weaknesses A keen mind with an eye for detail, he likes mysteries and puzzles.

Higher gravity levels than standard Federation can be difficult for the Kenki to move in, given his relatively low bone density. This is offset by medical treatments, with varying degrees of success.
Ambitions To find the furthest point in space one can fly to, and to reach it.
Hobbies & Interests Languages. The Kenki larynx is a marvel of biology in the fact it can mimic almost any sound from ultra to subsonic tones. Many Kenki across the Federation are hired on as translators and interpreters by people who do not want the meaning of their words bent by translation software.

Prax is a keen linguist, seeing the study of languages as just another form of mathematics.

Personal History He was born in a Clutch Family, which is not the same as a Hatch Family, but in many ways, that difference is academic and unique to the Kenki people. He had many brothers and sisters, raised communally as is tradition, and when his aptitude for mathematics and sciences came to the fore in his early years, he was quickly placed in more advance classes.

This might all sound somewhat meteoric, but with the Kenki life span maxing out at close to thirty standard Federation years, most things are on fast forward for them. Politics on the homeworld are simplistic, mostly because they do not have years to debate topics before the authors of those proposals die of old age.

And so at age 8, already a mature male by his people's reckoning, he joined Starfleet Academy for four long years of training and study. in that time he did train, and he did study, and he learned.

After graduating he was assigned to a few postings across the Federation, some colony surveys, and an exciting secondment to the Bajoran government working up plans for an expansion of navigation buoys into the Badlands.

It was that work, and his placement near the Bajoran Wormhole, that allowed his transfer to the Altai.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS Javalin
Baxters World, Colony Survey
USS Altai