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Senior Chief Petty Officer Ryland Dedeker

Name Ryland Augustus Dedeker

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ryland is tall, dark, and handsome. His cocksure smile seldom leaves his face.


Father Franklin Dedeker
Mother Jessica Dedeker
Brother(s) Maximilian Julius Dedeker
Sister(s) Penelope Dedeker-Delahunt
Other Family Richard Delahunt (brother-in-law), Federation diplomat

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ryland is never in doubt whether wrong or right. As a hopeless flirt and nonconformist, he is never out of the spotlight, though he never fails to take the chain of command or his duty seriously. Ryland is a braggadocios man, though his tactical skills, whether behind the stick or a phaser battery, are more than enough to back it up. He is a competent brawler despite the majority of his combat experience being in the air. He prefers to perform his duty in his own way. Though he has never disregarded a direct order, he is more than free with his mouth.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Crack-shot
+ Ace pilot
+ Loyal

- Egotistical
- Hot-headed
- Impertinent
Ambitions Kick ass and chew bubblegum, and eventually to marry into wealth or royalty.
Hobbies & Interests Ryland is a practical joker and consummate gambler, drinker, and war-story regaler.

Personal History Ryland’s parents were freighter pilots who spent most of their lives traveling from starport to starport. Though he is registered as being born on the Janus VI colony, it was little more than a layover during his mother’s 18 hours of hard labor. He has never set foot on the colony itself.

After his parent’s freighter, the SS Prevalence, was set upon by pirates, the teenage Ryland turned his affections from the harrowing adventures of being a freelance boomer like his father to becoming a Starfleet starfighter pilot. With the family venture being in disarray, his older brother Maximilian took up smuggling and eventually piracy himself. Ryland and his sister Penelope entered Starfleet, each taking a different course.

The Dominion War came to an end just before Ryland graduated from Academy. Consequently the demand for starfighter pilots plummeted just as his career began. He still distinguished himself in several combat missions, eventually earning squadron leader and then wing commander. His sister Penelope became engaged to Richard Delahunt, a noted Federation diplomat, setting her up for a prestigious career in the JAG Office, and eventually as Ryland's personal savior after his implication with his brother-turned-nefarious-pirate Maximilian.

Ryland was unprepared for the politics of a command position. As a cavalier officer more accustomed to planning and running flight mission than playing quid-pro-quo with flag officers, he gained the dislike of more than one member of admiralty. His disposition did not play to his favor when he ran afoul of misconduct charges related to his brother’s criminal activity. Rather than face summary court-martial, Ryland deserted his post and took sanctuary with the Nyberrite Alliance while proving his innocence.

After three years aboard the NAF Aegis serving as its gunnery chief, Ryland received word that his court-martial had been rescinded and expunged from his record. While his desertion had been downgraded to an unapproved absence, that was still deemed insufficient to regain his commission. Ryland returned to Starfleet as a senior enlisted non-commissioned officer.
Service Record Starfleet

Ensign - Starfighter Pilot, Starbase 375 (4th Squadron)

Lieutenant Junior Grade - Starfighter Pilot, Starbase 375 (4th Squadron)

Lieutenant - Fourth Squadron Leader, Starbase 375

Lieutenant Commander - Deputy Wing Commander, Starbase 375

Commander - Wing Commander, Starbase 375

2384: General Court-Martial, Tried in absentia for — REDACTED: Misconduct and Desertion— Unauthorized Absence

Nyberrite Alliance

Frigate-Lieutenant - Gunnery Officer, NAF Aegis

Captain-Lieutenant - Lead Gunnery Officer, NAF Aegis

Reinstatement to Starfleet, expunged court-martial


Senior Chief Petty Officer - Assistant Chief Tactical Officer, USS Peregrine

2388- Present
Senior Chief Petty Officer - Chief Tactical Officer, USS Altai