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Lieutenant JG Kemm Talu

Name Kemm Talu

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6’2”
Weight 235
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Broad in the shoulders and chest, especially for a Bajoran, Kemm Talu has a slow and gentle manner. He is often described as "stooping" and "lumbering."

Subject to significant fluctuations in weight stemming from the trauma of being a prisoner, Talu takes great effort to control other components of his appearance and has firmly kept hair and wardrobe at all times.

Hair is kept short, using a long part to cover scarring down the left side of his head. Large collection of scars remaining on his back from public flogging as a child.


Spouse Meru Alenis (Divorced)
Father Kemm Varne (Deceased)
Mother Kemm Eshuzi (Deceased)
Brother(s) Kemm Antos (Doctor in Starfleet)
Sister(s) Kemm Sudea (Deceased)
Other Family Kemm Naisi (Aunt, sister of mother )
Kemm Mondi (Deceased; uncle, wife of Naisi)
Kemm Heral (Cousin, engineer on Bajor, retired from Starfleet)
Kemm Jal (Husband of Heral, pilot for Bajoran Militia, retired from Starfleet)
Kemm Topelo (Cousin, adoptive daughter of Heral and Jal)
Kemm Jisa (Cousin, adoptive daughter of Heral and Jal)
Kemm Dom (Cousin, adoptive son of Heral and Jal)
Kemm Eji (Cousin, adoptive daughter of Heral and Jal)

Personality & Traits

General Overview He has recently reminded that he has the heart of an explorer, and he has set his path to follow the guidance and example of the Prophets into the unknown. Kemm Talu is always looking to understand what is happening around him, and intends to use his role as a science officer to make sense of the universe -- knowing both as a scientist and a believer that there is an order to everything.

He envisions himself a peacemaker and a teacher, hoping to promote understanding of the world as well as each other. He is quick to praise the work of those around him and will not often overstep the boundaries of his position unless there are lives in danger. He feels that the brashness and over-confidence of his youth have gotten people killed in the past and he does not with to repeat that experience.

Deeply spiritual and highly analytical, he does not believe that religion and science are in conflict, and he does not tolerate well people around him who suggest otherwise.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Highly skilled with the tools of his trades
+Patient and thorough, slow to accept a false conclusion
+Great at building consensus around difficult topics

-Unwilling to accept imperfect solutions
-Tends to organize and classify the people around him, which can be off-putting
-Slow to build trust with any person or, especially, organization
Ambitions Build a successful career based on helping people understand each other's cultures and lifestyles. Become an instrument of peace in the galaxy through non-infantry based service.

Go on to become a professor and lecturer, returning to Bajor to raise a family.

Become comfortable within his own belief system.

Plan a trip to travel the length of the Holana River in a hand-propelled boat. First needs to find the best boat to complete the trip.
Hobbies & Interests Hiking, boating, and camping

Collecting personal devotional artifacts from all religions and philosophies

Reading books and watching holovids on conspiracy theories

Personal History 2355 - Born in Musilla Province into mining labor camp.

2361 - Sister died as infant due to poor conditions in labor camp.

2364 - Father died from internal bleeding after being forced to work injured following rescue from a cave in. Took it upon himself to stand guard while his father was on his death bed, and was publicly beaten for offering defiance. Attempted to join resistance cell, but told to wait until he was older.

2365 - Joined resistance cell of young Bajorans who had not been accepted into primary cells.

2367 - Mother killed by Cardassians in random execution performed for activity completed by his resistance cell.

2367 - Sent to live with the family of his uncle, who lived in a small labor camp assigned to engineering and maintenance.

2369 - At the end of the occupation, allowed to return to school.

2372 - Begins training and studies to become a monk.

2373 - Joined the Bajoran Militia when he came of age, abandoning studies.

2376 - Married to Meru Alenis, a poet and museum curator from Rakantha Province.

2379-2383 - Captured by pirate fleet and held captive as manual labor.

2383 - Rescued, tortured, and then released by the Tal Shiar.

2383 - Resided on Earth for several months while his brother began to attend Starfleet Medical.

2383 - Returned to Bajor and divorced from Meru Alenis. Due to his status as presumed dead, she had already remarried and given birth to twins. The couple chose to divorce rather than disrupt their lives further and cause issue for the children.

2383-2386 - Resided with Monks in Musilla Province. Begins working on excavation and study of several sites as an effort to reflect on his life and improve his relationship with the Prophets. Pursued studies at the Musilla University as well, and eventually re-initiated studies to become a monk. Routinely visited with his cousin's family and their 4 adopted children.

2386 - Visited Earth for his brother's graduation from Starfleet Medical. Following the graduation, both brothers returned to Musilla Province while Antos was on leave. With the help of Antos, Vedek Aco Megdel explained that he did not believe becoming a monk was the right path. He was convinced to transfer to Starfleet and continue to pursue the sciences.
Service Record 2373 - Enlists in the Bajoran Militia as a Private. Promoted to Private First Class and assigned to cargo ship security at the completion of boot camp.

2374 - Reassigned to infantry when Bajor entered the Dominion War.

2374 - Promoted to Lance Corporal and assigned as squad leader for company field command post defense.

2375 - Battlefield promoted to Corporal and reassigned as company sensor technician, as well as awarded a commendation for bravery, during the Battle of Betazed. The battalion field command post was overrun while squad was rotated away from front line, and he lead his squad and two others to reinforce the line and retake the command post. Served as sensor technician as reinforcement at the post after technician was killed and promoted to permanent position.

2375 - Assigned as lead battalion sensor technician for the invasion of Cardassia. Received a commendation for service to Bajor for discovering caches of pillaged artifacts that were recovered.

2376 - Promoted to Sergeant and assigned to Militia special services team responsible for the discovery and recovery of Bajoran artifacts. Techniques developed during Invasion of Cardassia are central to operations.

2378 - Assigned to joint Bajoran Militia/Starfleet Anti-Piracy Task Force, responsible for mapping and negating pirate threats in the Alpha Quadrant.

2379 - Captured during a planet-deployed surveillance mission by pirates operating along the Cardassian border. Rescue operations were unsuccessful as the pirate fleet departed. Declared MIA, presumed dead.

2379-2383 Remained in captivity for manual labor in pirate fleet.

2383 - Rescued from captivity when pirate ship he was held on was captured during a raid on a Romulan facility. Due to extenuating circumstances of raid, was held for interrogation by the Tal Shiar while identity and role in the attack was determined.

2383 - Released to Starfleet and brought to Earth for debriefing and rehabilitation. Reinstated in Bajoran Militia and placed on Extended Leave of Absence.

2383-2386 - Returned to Bajor to take up residency with Monks in Musilla Province. While there, he began working with the order on the excavation and study of several historical sights along the Holana River. He completed degrees at the Musilla University in anthropology and theology, as well as entering training to become a monk.

2386 - Transferred from Bajoran Militia to Starfleet, completed OCS and granted the rank of Lieutenant (JG) as a science officer.

2386-2388 - Studied at Starfleet Academy for Master of Sociocultural Anthropology with an emphasis in Mass Media.

2388 - Promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to USS Altai as the Chief Science Officer.