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Lieutenant JG Kyle Roberts

Name Kyle Jameson Roberts

Position Assistant Chief of Security

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 187 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kyle keeps an average haircut, though somewhat longer on top with a feathering quality. He has a strong, Roman facial structure and features. Kyle also sports a tattoo that is seemingly opposite to his personality and has been the topic a couple of conversations. On his right arm above the elbow and near his shoulder, is the Chinese symbol píng jìng, which means tranquility. He has an exercise regimen that he follows religiously. Between that and the few small weights that he keeps in his quarters, Kyle is well toned.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kevin Roberts
Mother Theresa nee Grantham
Brother(s) Shaun Roberts, MD
Sister(s) Marta
Other Family Paternal – Aunt Ayala and Uncle Edward Roberts = cousins Nadia, Minka, Blake
Maternal – Aunt Leytha and Uncle Bartholomew Grantham = cousins Ian, Julian, Carson; Aunt Darla and Uncle Eli Lowell = cousins Arya, Lamont

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kyle Roberts has many layers, as do most people. Overall, he is a little rough around the edges. He is a man who holds certain ideals dear and will fight for what he believes, even if it means his death. In that respect, he is courageous. Some say crazy, but he prefers courageous. He remains cool under pressure and has a sense of humor. Or is a bit of a smart-aleck, depending on how you look at it. And just when you think you’ve got him figured out, he’ll surprise you.

He is very protective of those he serves with and fiercely loyal. He treats an attack on any fellow crew member as being tantamount to a direct assault on himself and will not stand for it. That said, he is a man with a strong sense of nobility and wouldn’t hesitate to fight those who threatened him or any of those he serves with. His philosophy is, "If someone tries to kill you, you try and kill them right back." He has been jokingly told that he was born too late, that he would better fit the ‘cowboy’ days of Starfleet. Off duty, he tends only slightly more towards congeniality.
Strengths & Weaknesses One of Kyle’s strengths, according to himself, is his straightforward honesty. He doesn’t mind expressing his thoughts. And he doesn’t mind thinking outside the box. Growing up the son of a Starfleet engineer gave Kyle a love of tinkering. He would take things apart, look at the individual pieces to figure out how it worked, and then put it back together. Unfortunately, it rarely ever worked once he got it back together. And that was not a good thing for young Kyle Roberts. It wasn’t until he joined the Academy and crammed in a few basic Engineering classes that it finally sunk in. Then, he learned his weapons inside and out...literally. Kyle knows how to break down a phaser to bare bones and put it back together. And have it work. Speed was never a part of it, either.

One of his weaknesses, and quite possibly the biggest, is that Kyle lacks diplomacy. He takes his diplomatic philosophy from what he calls the Montgomery Scott School of Diplomacy, "The best diplomat I know is a fully activated phaser bank." As he had to be tutored in Science at Academy, Kyle isn’t that astute when it comes to the biological and planetary sciences. And even though he had basic shuttlecraft piloting during his first year at the Academy, Kyle never completely got the hang of take off and landing. He just barely passed the course and ended up with a nickname...“Crash” Roberts. If he didn’t slam it into the deck, it was another shuttlecraft. To this day, he refuses to fly one unless ordered. Then he has to explain, “But I tried to tell you.”
Ambitions His ultimate motivation is simply to continue. Continue in service to Starfleet no matter where he gets sent. He has no desire to retire or resign.
Hobbies & Interests Kyle likes to read. He has a fairly large collection of electronic books stored on a couple of PADDs. It is no surprise to those that know him that his favorite genre is ancient Earth westerns and the justice meted out on the frontier.

Personal History Kyle was born to a hard working Starfleet family in China. He is the oldest of the three children. Shaun was born almost two years after him and Martta was born one year after Shaun. His father, Kevin, worked at the Beijing Applied Sciences Division of Starfleet Tactical Command’s Research and Development. The work accomplished at Starfleet Tactical’s Beijing ASD facility includes, but is not limited to, testing of new and upgraded shipboard tactical technologies. Kyle’s mother, Theresa, owned a small, three chair styling salon located a block from their house in which she kept herself occupied.

Up until he was seven years old, Kyle grew up in China; more specifically, Beijing. It was a fascinating world for such a little boy, even if he can’t remember much of it. The one thing that does stick out though, especially the last two years, is that his family spoke both Federation Standard and Mandarin Chinese in the house. He was told that sometime between the ages of six and seven, his father, Kevin, said that he wanted to instill some multiculturalism into his children. Kyle accepted it and jumped right in, to Kevin’s pleasure. Little Kyle started trying to learn all he could about the Chinese culture, modern and ancient. Kevin bought all manner of books regarding the modern and ancient history of China…age appropriate, of course.

When Kyle was seven, Starfleet transferred his father to a Federation colony on the third planet in the Gamma Hydrae system. Kevin was to upgrade, integrate, and replace much of the colony’s tactical systems, including their sensor systems. He was also tasked with doing the same to the planet’s orbital defenses. Shortly after one year, Kevin received orders to become the Chief Engineer the USS Messier, a Galaxy class ship. During the next eleven years, the little boy grew into a teenager aboard the Messier. It was during this time that Kyle’s reading took a turn from Chinese literature to books and accounts on the North American old west from the 21st century. Having grown up in a Starfleet family on Starfleet assignments, there was only one thing that Kyle wanted to do after high school. Starfleet. So at the age of eighteen, he joined.

Starfleet History: Overall, Kyle’s experience at Starfleet Academy was mediocre. His worst subject was science and his best was starship tactics. He had slightly less than the average amount of friends and slightly more than the average amount of enemies. That was mostly due to his smart-aleck attitude. All four years, Kyle laughed as he witnessed instructors and senior cadets attempt to shave off his rough edges and polish him into a spit-and-shine Starfleet officer. Their work, however, was in vain. Kyle Roberts’ personality and attitude was already set in stone. And no one was going to try and fit him into a mold. He was noted as having a severe stubborn streak.

Kyle’s Freshman year at Starfleet Academy was an interesting one to say the least. He got in a fight with another cadet over a girl and lost the girl after he won the fight. He accidentally set part of the science lab on fire with a failed, exploding experiment. And he took a ride in one of Nova Squad’s simulators after he hacked the security lockout on the classroom door. Kyle had several distasteful remarks in his file for that year.

At the beginning of the summer break, Kyle’s parents had a long talk with him. They had received letters and calls from the Academy regarding their son’s behavior. Kevin told him that if he didn’t straighten up after the first semester, he would personally come and pull him out. “Starfleet is not the place for your antics,” Kevin told Kyle. And Kyle took it to heart. He determined to change his actions and attitude, yet not his personality. Kyle was who he was…and he liked it. But his dad was right about the childish, immature things he had done during his first year. Kyle had to stop.

The rest of Kyle’s time at the Academy was mostly standard. He still had his fair share of difficulties, all of his science classes for one. He ended up needing a tutor, Cadet Misty Hiett. According to Kyle, Misty was quite the looker. And according to most of the Junior class, Kyle was fortunate to be so dumb in science. Misty looked to be about five feet, four inches and around 115 pounds. She had long, red hair that she let hang down around her bright green eyes. She had fair skin, a well toned body, and a brain built for science. And she was Kyle’s science tutor. He asked her out many times and she kept rejecting him. Finally, during the week before graduation, Misty agreed to go out with him. They both had a great time and Misty wished that she had said yes a long time ago.

Kyle’s first assignment was at Starbase 375 as a Security Officer. It was here that he got the tattoo of Chinese characters on his upper arm. During his tenure, Kyle was seriously injured during an incident on the station. A Bolian freighter that was carrying supplies for some of the merchants on the station had just docked and Kyle was going over the cargo manifest. Something caught his eye as strange, yet he didn’t say anything about it. He just memorized the shipping number and ordered the cargo unloaded into Bay 5 for sorting. Kyle went back to Bay 5 a few hours later to inspect the shipment and walked in on a smuggling deal that had just gone south.

For the next forty-five minutes, he lay on the floor, a beaten, bloody, broken, and nearly unconscious mess. A Chief Petty Officer doing rounds stopped in Bay 5 and spotted Kyle’s legs sticking out from behind a shipping container. He called for an emergency transport to Sickbay and for security to report to the Bay. After a surgical suite, ICU, a recovery room, an incident report, and a statement, Kyle was given a several days off to recuperate. It was after this that Kyle began to develop a more cavalier, cowboy attitude and his personality evolved. As a side note, the smugglers were never caught. They had managed to make it off of the Starbase.

Kyle’s next assignment took him to the Federation Embassy on Trill as VIP Security Detail. It was a rather cushy assignment, but it didn’t do anything to help his view of diplomats. As a matter of fact, it may have done more to add to his dislike of them. First off, several of the Ambassadors and many of their Aides and Attachés were highly demanding. Instead of using their own staff, they regularly expected the security personnel to be their errand boys. Kyle was among many who put in for an interdepartmental transfer.

There was one bright spot in the whole assignment, though. Kyle started getting to know the Trill Ambassador’s daughter and she, in turn, started getting close to him. Close, to the point that they began seeing one another on a regular basis. But when the Trill Ambassador found out that Kyle was dating his oldest daughter, the diplomat put things in motion to get him off of Trill. The Ambassador didn’t care for the influence that Kyle’s cowboy attitude was having on his daughter. Kyle was hurriedly transferred off Trill and to the USS Altai.

Medical History: Kyle’s medical history is for the most part, standard for a Security Officer. He’s had his fair share of bumps and bruises but the worst was when he was assigned to Starbase 375. The attack resulted in two broken ribs, a collapsed lung, multiple bruises, internal hemorrhaging, a broken jaw, and a concussion. After multiple surgeries and several days off to recuperate, Kyle was deemed fit to return to service.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
Starbase 375, Security Officer
Federation Embassy on Trill, VIP Security Detail
USS Altai, Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical