Searching for the Lost

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Repairs have been completed after the Altai's deadly first contact with the Qlo'ka and Glurone. The ship still has some unfilled billets, including some permanent senior staff positions.

Despite the shortage of crew, Starfleet orders the Altai to proceed to the Alpha Remidian system to investigate the disappearance of a planetary survey team. The team, a mix of Starfleet and civilian specialists, were in the Alpha Remidian system cataloging planets for possible Federation colonization efforts. The team was last due to report in two weeks ago. A first attempt to locate the team was abandoned when the ship assigned was struck by a system cascade failure, resulted in the ship being towed to a nearby starbase.

Mission Group Season 2: Threads of a Tapestry
Start Date Mon Sep 23rd, 2019 @ 1:55am

Mission Summary

MD1: Captain Osegan Trenna receives mission orders and shares them with Lieutenant Commander Artie Talbot.