To Mom

Posted on Sat Dec 28th, 2019 @ 10:38pm by Lieutenant Alan Pierce

Dear Mom,

I know been to long between letters so I'd sit send a quick update. My new assignment is off to a great start, so far Starfleet as managed to lose my luggage in the Alti's haste to launch our current mission. I've yet to have an official briefing with my new commanding officers, which would be less of an issue if there wasn't also a mix up in the crew roster. They have me listed as CMO, so instead of focusing on my surgical bay in running the whole shop. This accidental promotion would be easier if I had a more experienced staff, as I feel like back in Corps showing jarhead how to be med techs. We're currently working a rescue mission, I know I'll have these kids ready for the task at hand. With any luck they'll have found my luggage by the we get back the space station.

P.S I'll write to Terry soon please send my love