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To The Rescue

Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2019 @ 12:54am by Captain Osegan Trenna

Mission: Emergent Situation
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

Trenna walked onto the Bridge. She looked towards the Operations station where a junior Lieutenant she didn't know was working. "Lieutenant, signal the crew to prepare for departure."

With all of the relief supplies loaded, thanks to Ensign Catangay, and seemingly the last of her crew onboard, the Altai was finally ready to get to work.

Chris looked up from the data terminal in his office after receiving the notification. He had only been on the Altai mere hours and was getting his command codes transferred to the ships computer.

The task was nearly complete, so Chris stood and made his way to the Bridge where he immediately met the Captain with the rest of the bridge staff quietly manning their appropriate stations. "Captain," he said towards Osegan while stepping over to his seat but refrained from sitting right away.

Trenna looked at her Exec and offered him a curt nod before turning to face the viewscreen. The inside of the starbase's docking bay loomed all around them. Even if it was temporary, it was her ship, at least for now. She couldn't wait to get out into open space.

Amy strode along the corridor of Deck Two, having just finished her breakfast. She'd been up early this morning since she'd gone to bed at an unbelieveably early hour the night before. She wanted to be fresh, though hadn't really expected to be that fresh. She was at the turbolift when the call came through for hands to be at stations. Taking her place in the turbolift, she announced, "Deck One," and the lift moved upward.

Moments later, Amy walked onto the bridge, giving a nod to the CO and XO, whom she'd met only recently. Taking her station, Amy looked about the controls, already feeling at home. This was her niche.

Slipping onto the Bridge, Anjali positioned herself at Tactical. I find it hard to believe they couldn't find a Tactical Officer for this mission, she said to herself. Babysitting the Ambassador would be more fun than this, Banerjee thought. Instead, she'd assigned Lieutenant Roberts to that task. She'd told him to keep Del Quo from interfering in ship operations.


"Stand by!"

Artie was standing at the pool table in front of the warp core. His engineers were already in position. "Set intermix ratio one to one," he instructed, looking to the lieutenant to his left. "Prime injectors and warp coils," he told an ensign to his right. Artie himself checked the magnetic constrictors, performing a Level 5 Diagnostic just to loosen them up.

"Begin initialization sequence on my mark." Artie looked up to the warp core where the constrictors had already begun to softly glow. "3... 2... 1... Mark."

It would take eight seconds for the first bits antimatter and the deuterium to travel to the dilithium chamber. For Artie, these were the longest eight seconds of his service aboard the Altai. Finally, a set of constrictors shone brightly before letting what was under their glow cascade into the chamber. A moment later, the first batch of fresh warp drive plasma fired out of both sides of the core to the warp nacelles, letting loose a familiar thrum throughout the room. The ship's heart was now beating.

"Engineering to bridge. You have warp power."


"Thank you Commander," the Bajoran woman replied, via comm, to the Chief Engineer. "Lieutenant," she continued, after turning to look towards Ops, "switch over to our reactors, release umbilicals, and request departure clearance. Helm, plot a course to the Bardeezi system."

Amy reacted to the orders as if they were second nature. She began the departure procedure from her end while she waited for clearance from dock. When it came, she plotted the course for the Bardeezi system.

Chris, who came from the Security and Tactical department and still held compassion for the work, stepped over towards the tactical station. Without knowing the females name as he had not been given the chance to meet all of the senior staff, he asked, "Are tactical systems online, Lieutenant?"

"As best as Talbot could get on such short notice," Anjali replied. "I know he's got his hands full down there. Not enough staff and not enough warning before pulling out."

"I understand," Chris replied. "Let's shoot for having all systems operation by the time we arrive," he added with a warm smile.

Banerjee nodded. "That would be great, Commander. If you can get Talbot to spare the time."

"I'll see what I can do," Chris said as he stepped away and returned to the center of the bridge near the Captain.

The junior Lieutenant at Ops announced that all moorings were clear and that 375 Control had cleared them.

"Thank you," Trenna responded. "Helm?"

Confirming the destination, Amy said, "Helm ready, sir."

"Take us out. Once clear, give Engineering the word."

Amy sent the command to engineering to prepare for warp.

===[Sick Bay]===

This was it. She could still get out of this if she wanted to. Nobody would fault her; she'd been through a lot. But, no. Maggie was not a quitter. She had promised to give it her best and she was going to do it.

With a deep breath, she glanced around and tapped her combage. "Sick Bay reports all ready, Captain," she said. Or as ready as I'll ever be, she thought.

===[VIP Quarters]===

Afina sat at the desk in her quarters. She activated the computer terminal and accessed a ship's status report. The ship was operating on it's own power. We're about to get underway, she reasoned. Standing, she pulled a long, loose, black vest over her tight-fitting, sleeveless dark blue top, a stark contrast to her white pants. Her shoes, a functional ankle boot with a small heel, were black and shiny.

She crossed the room and the door swooshed open as she approached it.

Kyle turned around at the sound of the door and stepped in front of it. "Good morning, Ambassador, Lieutenant Kyle Roberts. Is there something I can help with you with?"

"No," the Centauran woman replied as she tried to step around the blue-eyed man.

Kyle shifted to match the Ambassador's movements. "Perhaps some breakfast from the replicator? It's awful early to start the day without the proper nourishment. I'm certain that the Captain and my department chief wouldn't like it too good if you passed out on my watch."

"I will not pass out," she declared sternly. "Get out of my way, young man." Again, Afina attempted to move past the Human.

"Is there any place that I can escort you to, Ambassador," said Kyle. He hadn't yet moved.

Glowering at him, she decided that she wasn't getting anywhere. Guess I'll play nice, she thought. "Computer, where is Trenna?"

"Captain Osegan is on the Bridge," came the answer.

Pointing towards the ceiling, because that's where the computer's voice at come from, Afina simply said, "You heard the lady."

"I did at that, Ambassador." This was reminding Kyle of his time on Trill, VIP Security Detail at the Federation Embassy. He didn't like that one, either. "The Captain is on the Bridge. And I get the joys of ensuring you have everything you need right your quarters."

"Computer," the Ambassador said again, "where is the Captain?"

As before, the computer promptly responded. "Captain Osegan is on the Bridge."

"Did you catch that this time, mister?" Afina asked. "I'm going to the Bridge. You are welcome to stay here and occupy your time with the 'joys' of my quarters."

"Ambassador," said Kyle, "I'll escort you to any non-critical place on this ship. The Officer's Lounge & Mess, Airoponics, Gym, the Lounge, holodeck, Arboretum...things of that nature. But I'm not authorize to escort you to the Bridge or any other ship-critical location. So, other than the Bridge, what do you fancy?"

"So you won't take me to see the Captain?" Del Quo asked, exasperated that she was having such a hard time with this young man.

"You've got it," he said to the Centaurian woman. "No Captain, no Bridge, no Engineering, and so on. But there are plenty of other places that are open and available if you want to get out of your quarters.

Afina shook her head. "Mister.....whatever your name is, maybe you don't understand. I am a respected member of the Federation Diplomatic Corps with the rank of Career Ambassador. I've successfully negotiated numerous ceasefires and have led major treaty summits. I am telling you that I need to see Captain Osegan. You WILL take me to see her."

"Congratulations on your accomplishments, Ambassador," said Kyle. "I'll take you to see her when she's available. But at the moment, she isn't available." He was going to stand his ground no matter what. He'd received his orders, and orders were orders.

She balled up her fists in frustration. "How do you know that she's not available? You haven't asked." Before Roberts could respond, she spoke again, though not to him. "Del Quo to Osegan."

The computer gave an atypical tone before replying, "Ambassador, please contact Security if you need Captain Osegan."

Kyle couldn't help but smirk. "Security at your service, Ambassador. How can we help you today?"

Not one to give up, much to the chagrin of others, Afina continued to push. "Open a comm with the Captain."

"Are you having a medical emergency?" asked Kyle. "Because if something is wrong, we should go to Sickbay before we inform the Captain. I can call for an emergency transport and we'll be right there. Best care anywhere."

"I didn't say anything about needing a doctor. I would think, boy, that they could do something to fix your hearing."

"My hearing is just fine Ambassador," he replied. "I presumed that since you wanted to see the Captain, it would have to be some kind of medical emergency. So, I think the computer and I have pretty well established that you're not going to get to the Captain. Unless there's anything else that I can get you, I have a room to guard."

For the first time in, maybe ever, Afina backed up. Physically and otherwise. "As you wish, boy. Please inform the Captain that I wish to see her at her earliest convenience."

"I will make sure that happens, Ambassador. Thank you for your cooperation this morning, Ma'am," said Kyle.

She glared at the young man. "You might be attractive, but that doesn't make you less of an ass," she said before stepping back and letting the doors close.

"Now," she said in the empty room, "I wonder how complicated the comm system on this ship is...."


As the Altai eased out of port and entered the expanse of space beyond the massive doors of Starbase 375's docking complex, Trenna looked around the ship's command center. She was pleased with how everyone had performed so far. She turned her attention to the viewscreen as the movement of the pinpoints of light in the distance began moving at an increasing pace.

"Proceed to warp, Lieutenant," she instructed red haired helmsman after checking the ship's location in relation to 375.

Amy, piloting this ship for the first time, took a split second for a moment of remembrance. She wanted to savor this moment.... the first time she took the Altai to warp.

Chris looked up towards Lieutenant Banerjee after viewing the ship leave the dock. "What is our estimated time to arrival to the Bardeezi system?"

Since her console wasn't set up to display ETAs, it took Anjali a moment to access navigation subsystems. "31 hours, Commander, at current speed."

Standing from her seat, Trenna looked to Jones. "Commander, you have the bridge. I'm going down to Engineering."

"Yes ma'am," Chris said while moving over towards the XO's chair and sitting down.


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