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Posted on Sun Aug 18th, 2019 @ 8:56pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Geoff Martinsen

Mission: Brief Respite
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0930

She'd been trying to write this after action report for three days now. The parts detailing their visit to the Qlo'ka homeworld were fairly easy and straightforward, Altai had been welcomed as friends by the government of Pharqlo. Praise had been piled high for her crew's role in dispatching Primate-General Denar, despite that having been the work of Primate-General Frayn's ships, who had been hidden in orbit during the visit.

For five days the Altai had been in orbit of Pharqlo. Arrangements were made with the Qlo'ka's ruling body for a formal Federation First Contact team to visit. At first, the ruling council had been hesitant, likely over fears that the Federation was just looking to supplant the Glurone as subjugator of the Qlo'ka. Trenna had explained the experience of Bajor and the Federation. She also had different members of her crew, with a heavy focus on non-Humans, address the ruling council about the experience of their own people and the Federation. She provided data files about other Federation First Contact experiences that didn't result in Federation membership; she felt it was important to let the Qlo'ka know that it was possible to have a relationship with the Federation without joining. Finally, the ruling council had agreed to begin the process.

Pharqlo was a nice planet. The population was relatively small compared to the size of the planet, just fifteen million in total spread out between twelve districts. The districts were typically made up of dwellings three to five stories tall, built around a central community space that contained parks, educational facilities for the young Qlo'ka, and entertainment facilities. Between each cluster of residential blocks were the job centers. The majority of Qlo'ka got around on foot or small personal wheeled vehicles that were similar to Human bicycles. Mass transportation was also available, though it was used for moving larger distances, crossing from one side of a district to the other, for example. There was so much green space, giant swaths of the planet were essentially untouched, allowed to prosper as nature intended. It reminded her of how Bajor had been when she'd returned after the Occupation ended. Of course much of Bajor still bore the scars of the Occupation; strip mining had taken its toll. But restoration projects had proven successful in recent years, returning the landscape damaged by the Cardassians back into nature preserves, forests, and grasslands. Polluted rivers and streams had been cleaned and purified.


It took Trenna another three hours to finish her report, by which time she was ready to leave her office. She walked out onto the Bridge.

"How are things, Ensign?"

Geoff looked up from the helm console. "Everything looks good. We should be arriving at Starbase 221 shortly."

She said nothing in reply, just offering a nod. She looked around the room. This mission had taken a toll on the ship and crew. She had lost several crew members, including members of her senior staff. The ship still had some gaping holes in the hull; they'd only been able to make this trip back to dock with some heavy reliance on force field generators and dedicated power supplies. Once they put into dock, Batchelder would be busy overseeing the repairs. Even though he was new to Altai, Trenna trusted him. Certainly more so than whatever Corp of Engineers staffer that the Starbase would assign. At least her Chief Engineer had some familiarity with the ship.

All of the crew would be granted some leave, though much of the Engineering staff would be on a shorter leash, not being able to leave base. She assumed some people would opt to take some of the following two weeks to get completely away from the ship. Trenna had thought about doing just that herself, but realized that she had no where to go. And no one to see.

"When we are in range, notify Commander Talbot," she instructed. "I'll be in my quarters."

"Understood, Captain," Martinsen answered.

Trenna stepped onto the turbolift and took a deep breath as the doors slid closed. Somewhere, in another timeline, she was sitting with Robin in a cafe enjoying a morning coffee. In yet another, the two of them were cuddling while watching a movie. Or Robin would be waiting for her in their quarters.

Instead, in this timeline, she was alone.


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