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Time Away, Part 4

Posted on Fri Oct 11th, 2019 @ 4:20pm by Lieutenant Alan Pierce & Ensign Geoff Martinsen

Mission: Brief Respite
Location: Starbase 221
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 1700

The Starbase 221 dry dock was flurry of activity as the tall human walked the view screens showing varus vessels. He wore a Hawaiian shirt and beige under a long coat, he towed large wheeled luggage case behind him. Over the years Alan had learned that it was best to see to one essential items personally. You'd think that with all the Federations accomplishments getting luggage from one to another would be easy, but you'd be wrong.

Geoff had enjoyed the previous three days he'd spent on the station. He'd met several interesting people, including an attractive and very drunk Betazoid who'd hit on him rather intensely. Geoff, however, being a man prone to caution, had politely excused himself from her presence.

In his three days on Starbase 221, he'd eaten 13 different cuisines, from Bolian to Xepolite. One of the Skrreean dishes had treated his digestive system roughly, but otherwise it had been a very successful leave.

Now, the young helmsman was returning to the Altai. Ahead of him, he saw a dark-haired man with a rolling suitcase also heading towards the port where the Altai was docked. The man didn't look familiar, but Geoff hardly knew everyone on board; he spent most of his time on the Bridge or in his quarters.

"You new?" the Ensign inquired.

"That's I'm the new saw bones," Alan smiled and offered his hand. "Lieutenant Alan Pierce. You can call me Alan"

Geoff took the man's hand and gave it a weak shake, as was his usual. "Saw bones?" he asked, unfamiliar with the term.

Alan chuckled, "Sorry. That's what they used to call surgeons in the nineteenth century."

'It's also what the jarheads called me during the war,' he thought and pushed the memories away.

"You got a name Ensign?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry," Martinsen said, embarrassed for forgetting. "Ensign Geoff Martinsen. I'm a helmsman. And take shifts at Ops." He fell silent for a moment before continuing. "So, you're the new CMO?"

"Looks like it, however surgery is my first love so my advice is don't get sick" Alan smiled.

"I'll keep that in mind. Getting cut open isn't high on my list of fun activities," Geoff half joked. His awkwardness took over and he fell silent.

"Don't worry kid. I've got the steadiest hands in the Federation" he chuckled. "And I usually go with microsurgery; just tiny cuts I unless you're one of those guys who wants the bragging rights in which case I'll stuff with cotton."

Still doesn't sound like fun, Geoff thought. He continued walking quietly for a moment. "You worked with Marines, then?"

"Briefly," Alan said dropping his gaze. "Powers that be, transferred me for a couple of years."

"What did you think of them?" Geoff asked. "The Marines. They always struck me as a bit....scary."

Alan pause before he answered, "they never scared me."

He shrugged, "Take away the smart looking uniform and they're just kids. The smart ones I was scared as anybody else but they are tough to cover that up. The less perceptive of them think their as tough as they act, but normally lasts until the end up in my surgical day."

'The lucky one's anyway' he thought.

"Next time you run into him ignore the uniform and treat them like your peers," he chuckled. "He'll probably mesh with a little bit, just stand your ground and let it roll off. You're not a Jarhead you have no reason to act tough."

Geoff went silent again. He continued down the corridor, nearly lockstep with Doctor Pierce. After a few more quiet minutes, they approached the Altai's docking port. "Nice to meet you, Alan," he offered, looking forward to getting back in his quarters and settle in.

Alan smiled as he parted ways with the young man. He made his way to the sickbay, to begin inventory. He took out his quarters and then pack later, first things first.


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