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Posted on Mon Nov 25th, 2019 @ 1:51pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Geoff Martinsen & Petty Officer 1st Class Finnegan Siosifa & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Batchelder & Lieutenant Alan Pierce & Ensign Calvin Nash & Ensign Atyhle sh'Paveress

Mission: Searching for the Lost
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1445

An alarm sounded from the chronometer and Trenna set down her PADD. She had been reviewing the information about each of the team members. Five civilian scientists of moderate reputation and three Starfleet officers, all science division. The team leader, Lieutenant Commander Renyo Ishi, was an atmospheric chemist who could have had his choice civilian research facilities but preferred to continue to serve in Starfleet. He'd authored several papers that had been widely suggested as must-reads for anyone in the field. Commander Ishi had been temporarily reassigned from his position as Director of Research on the USS Linnaeus, an Excelsior-class starship that had been repurposed as a specialized science laboratory vessel.

Lieutenant Allison Waverly was a published, but rather unremarkable, exobiologist. She had served on three starships prior to being assigned to a Federation exobiological institute as an junior researcher. It was her experience with Gamma Quadrant species that got her assigned to the team.

The junior Starfleet member of the team, Lieutenant JG Jaxon Tal was a Trill hydrologist. A recent addition to Starfleet, Lieutenant Tal had been a top caliber student in hydrology while attending the Vulcan Science Institute. He was temporarily reassigned from teaching at Starfleet Academy to the survey team.

And then there were the civilians; two Vulcans, a Betazoid, a Bajoran, and, surprisingly, a Ferengi. They represented a swath of scientific disciplines: ecology, biogeochemistry, geology, agronomy, and zoology.

In all, a good team for scouting a suitable colony site.

She rose from her desk and headed to the Bridge.

[Pierce Quarters]

"So my luggage is this on the Trial?" Alan said to the man on the viewscreen. He sighed as he looked at his sparse living quarters, his eyes lingered on the bear closet.

"No sir your luggage was not on the Trail's manifest. They're doing a full inventory of the stations cargo lockers as we speak."

"Thanks anyway Ensign," Alan said and sighed off.

He heard an alarm sound, "what now?!"

He looked through his luggage and found a pair of Scrubs in a lab coat. He attached his combadge to the lab coat and headed for Sickbay. 'I hope my superiors will understand my situation' he thought.


Trenna stepped out onto the Bridge and swept some hair out of her face.

"How are we doing?"

"Ready when you are, Captain," Geoff replied. Though Captain Osegan could come off as curt, she was friendly to her crew. Her no nonsense attitude was balanced with her personal charm.

"Good to hear, Ensign," she replied. "And you Commander?"

"Most stations have reported in," Artie replied, standing at the small console that was attached to the railing behind his and the Captain's chairs. "All of the crew is aboard, and security is locking down the airlocks and have already secured all other egress ports."

She smiled at Talbot's report. "Good work," Trenna offered as she approached her Executive Officer. "Anything from Commander Batchelder?"

The turbolift doors open, and Jon stepped onto the bridge, a piping mug of coffee in one hand, and a PADD in the other. He quickly took a seat at the Engineering station, and said, "We're good in Engineering, Captain. Standing by for your orders."

"Your timing," the Bajoran woman began, "is perfect. Nice to have you join us." Looking around the Bridge, she saw Itajime at Tactical and sh'Paveress manning the Ops station.

She slapped Talbot on the back. "Shall we?"

Artie's eyes went wide for a moment. He never ceased to be amazed by the Captain's resiliency, nor her perchance for the unexpected. Though, with as much as they'd been through, one would have to develop thicker skin. Collecting his composure, he responded, "Now's as good a time as any."

"Take us out, Commander," Trenna instructed as she headed to her chair. Many captains would take the lead in getting a ship underway. But she felt that Artie needed the experience more than she did. Having only been in Command since joining the Altai, the Executive Officer was doing a lot of learning on the job. Trenna, on the other hand, had served as Executive Officer of the Rothschild for three years and Second Officer of the Goshawk before that.

"Aye, Captain." Artie signed out of the console and moved himself around the rear arch to his designated seat. "Miss sh'Paveress," Artie began, "contact the starbase, request permission for departure."

"Aye, Commander," the Andorian ensign replied, working away at her controls. A moment later, she announced, "We've been cleared."

"Thank you, Ensign." Artie shot a smile over to the Captain before continuing. "Commander Batchelder, clear all moorings."

Jonathan danced his fingers across his console, causing a cacophony of angry beeps to sound. After a moment, he responded, "Moorings are retracted, dock crew reports primary, secondary hulls and nacelles are clear of obstructions. We're green for departure."

Artie turned his attention to the helmsman next. "Helm, take us out. Thrusters only until we clear the station's perimeter, then one-third impulse all the way to the warp transit lanes."

"Aye, Commander," Geoff replied. Refreshed from his time away, even if only a couple of days, the young Ensign was happy to be back behind the helm console. He maneuvered the Steamrunner ship away from the docking port and spun the ship around. After several minutes, he reported in. "Going to one-third impulse."

The XO looked down at his display screen to check the mission parameters. "As soon as we hit lane four-gamma, set bearing zero-six-three, mark one-three-zero. Engage at warp eight."

Martinsen smiled. "Understood, Commander." He eased the ship into the lane nimbly while keying in the warp heading. Once aligned, he looked over his shoulder. "Warp eight, aye," he said before engaging the warp engines.


Alan entered sickbay and went into his office, he picked up a PADD with the mission orders on it. He got himself a cup of coffee before going to the COMM.

“Sickbay Bridge,” Alan smiled. “We’re open for business to serve all your medical needs.”


"Thank you, Sickbay," Trenna responded automatically, closing the channel. It took a moment before she realized that she didn't recognize the voice. "Commander?"

Artie looked over to the Captain and replied, "New surgeon. Arrived just a short time before our scheduled departure. Hasn't actually checked in though, I got the report from the computer logs."

"I see," she said slowly. "If he doesn't check in with you soon, you should probably pay him a visit."

Artie nodded to Trenna before looking back at his console. "Helm, what's our time to destination?"

"Five, five and a half days, Commander," Geoff answered. "We can cut some time if we can run higher warp longer."

"What do you say, Commander?" Trenna asked, looking towards the Chief Engineer.

"The Steamrunner class isn't optimized to run at high warp for long periods of time. Damage to subspace and all that. hell with it, we're in the Gamma Quadrant, and I'm sure the Dominion has done unspeakably worse things. Push it if you need to, I'll let you know when you're riding the line," the Engineer responded. "Worse comes to worse, we make it harder for some Jem'hadar to go exploit some poor planet for their resources without damaging their own engines. That's a sacrifice I can live with."

"Higher warp it is," Trenna stated. "We've got some missing people to find."


"Anyone here?" Finn asked loudly as he entered Sickbay. The large Samoan man was back to his old self, having recovered from his injuries from the boarding of the Glurone ship. But he was slated for another follow up. Because docs like to be overly cautious, he thought.

"You rang," Pierce called out as he walked into the room. "Alan Pierce I'm the new doctor you must Finnegan Siosifa" offered the large man his hand.

"What happened to the other one? She was special," Finn said with a devilish smile. "Dark eyes. Red hair. Those spots....."

"Wow sorry I miss her" Alan chuckled. "I don't know I was told I'd be filling the surgeons post and have found myself in the CMO post as well the brass works in mysterious ways."

"That's fair, Doc. Can't expect you to know everything. But I'm telling you, Doctor, she was something to behold."

"Please call me Alan. You'll have to excuse my appearance; my luggage got misplaced somewhere between my last ship and the station," he explained.

"Seems a bit strange for an enlisted like me to call an officer by their first name, especially on duty, but I'm good with strange," the Samoan said in response. "As far as your luggage, that's what the replicator is for, right?"

"Seems I need authorization from the Captain or XO to replicate a uniform, something about making sure nobody is impersonating an officer." Alan look at Fin's chart and whistled, "you really banged up on your last field trip. Have seat and I'll run diagnostic."

"And they won't give you authorization? That doesn't seem like either the Captain or Commander Talbot," Finn said as he hopped up onto the biobed. "When you checked in with the commander when you arrived, he didn't take care of it for you?"

"I haven't meet with them yet, my ship arrived at the station late and we disbatch early."

Alan furrowed his brow as looked at the readout of his scan, "Have you been experiencing any pain since the surgery?"

"Nope. I feel as good as new. Like nothing ever happened," he replied with a big grin.

"Your white blood cell count is high, that usually means an infection, only I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary. skin rashes?"

Siosifa shook his head. "Like I said, Doc, I'm feeling good."

Alan gave large man an inquisitive look, he seemed to be telling the truth. The readout didn't make sense. He buzz for a nurse. A young blonde woman walked into the room.

"Hey Sue, I need some blood samples from Officer Siosifa. Don't skimp on me; he got plenty," he smiled.

As Sue got the vials and hypo ready, Pierce continued the physical, "Have you been off the ship since last mission?" he asked.

"I went onto the station once, for dinner," Finn explained. "Us Security folks, we're like family. Especially on a ship this size, since there are so few of us. Bryan, uh, Staff Warrant Itajime, that is....well, he thought it would be a good idea for us to share a meal on while we were docked."

"Do you think I picked something up then?"

"The short answer is yes," Alan stated with a smile. Let me put it this way there was an intruder in the formidable biological fortress which is your body. Your security Force AKA your immune system seems to have kicked it's ass, I've got this young lady taking your blood so we can analyze the antibodies."

The broad Samoan shrugged. "Whatever you say, Doc. But I feel fine."

[Calvin's Quarters]

“Can you believe it Deb?” Ensign Calvin Nash said excitedly as he petted the giant Hedera that was entwining itself around him. “We’ve finally made it, we're actually on a starship.” The excitement in his voice and his face was quite noticeable.

Debra nodded one of her leafy vines and rubbed it against his cheek.

Nash paused for a second as a look of nervousness came over his face. “Do you think the Captain will like me?”

Before Debra could answer the giant Dionaea Muscipula who was sitting nearby snapped its large mouth open and shut a few times.

Nash turned towards him, “Hey be nice, you haven’t even met her yet.”

George didn’t care and wiggled his large body around side to side as he snapped aggressively.

“Ok ok,” Nash said stepping towards the replicator and creating a large slab of uncooked meat before tossing it to the large plant. “Always so cranky in the morning aren’t you?” he laughed before turning back to Deb. "How does my uniform look?" he asked her.

She swirled around him inspecting his clothing before entangling and nodding her vines.

"Thanks Deb." Nash smiled at her. "Alright wish me luck, first day on the job." he said before turning and leaving the room.


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