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Posted on Wed Jan 15th, 2020 @ 1:49pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Geoff Martinsen & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Batchelder & Lieutenant Evaad Hessen & Ensign Calvin Nash & Ensign Atyhle sh'Paveress

Mission: Searching for the Lost
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 5 at 1000

It had been several hours since the Altai had begun it's search of the Alpha Remidian system. Probes had been launched. It had been slower work than I think anyone had planned. Only two of the five possible planets had been ruled out so far.

"If we can get this down to two options, we can send teams down to both," Trenna said. "Thoughts?"

She looked around the Bridge at the assembled officers.

Jon whirled around in his seat, and said, "I've got a laundry list of things that need to get done up here. And yes, a junior engineer could take care of a lot of them. Saints know I don't need to micromanage them. But given what happened the last time I was on an away team, if I'm not needed I'd just as soon not beam down, if I'm being honest."

Artie glanced at Batchelder. He certainly could not fault the engineer for not wanting to participate, especially given the rough situation he was placed in the previous mission with the Glurone and the Qlo'ka. If Artie had to guess based on the timeline from when the team first was estimated missing, it was possible that dehydration was starting to set in, along with a bit of starvation. If they could find the survey team, there was no telling what condition they might actually be in. "Captain, it's almost like searching for a needle in a haystack right now. If we get down to ground level too early, it's likely we won't ever find them in time."

"I'm open to more suggestions then, Commander." Her eyes moved from officer to officer. "Mister Batchelder? Lieutenant? Ensigns?"

Sighing, Artie looked back to the screen he'd been viewing for the last several minutes at the Science II station. He was running out of ideas, especially since they'd been at this for so long with so little success. "We need some sort of magnet," he remarked, not really possessing an actual idea. "Something that will help us narrow down our search."

"Um, Captain, Commander," Evaad ventured, "I might be able to help with that. I can sense them, but the noise of the crew is too much. I'm even having trouble latching onto the Betazoid on the team. She's being drowned out. If I'm put out ahead a little bit, maybe in a shuttle, I might be able to identify the planet they're on."

Artie had never thought of a Betazoid as a magnet, and at this point, he was willing to try anything. "How long would it take for you to get a shuttle ready?" he asked Hessen. "And you should probably take a pilot with you so you can focus on sensing the team while someone keeps an eye out for any more of those filaments."

Evaad did a quick signals-check with both shuttlebay control rooms. "There's a Type-7 shuttle, the Lhotse, that can be made ready to launch from the forward bay in ten minutes. And I agree; I'll need a pilot. Ideally a Vulcan, or someone else with extreme mental discipline."

Commander Talbot quickly searched his own memories for any one on the roster that might be well suited. "I believe we had a Vulcan engineer transfer aboard at the starbase among the replacement crew. Ensign... Tuoil? Tuval?" Artie looked to Commander Batchelder to see if he could fill in the missing gap.

"I thought it was Taval," the engineer responded, scratching his cheek pensively. "But I'm pretty bad with names until I've met the person a few times. If you want a Vulcan though, Taval might be your only option, Lieutenant. Other than that you'd have to settle for one of us chaotically-minded regular-ass people."

Evaad nodded. “Taval. Neither of you have actually met him before but Commander Talbot has seen his name a few times on generally positive performance reviews. He keeps to himself. A skilled pilot that none of you have ever met seems like a perfect fit for me.” He chimed some keys on the Ops console, activating internal comms. “Forward shuttlebay, prepare the Lhotse for imminent departure. Warrant Officer Taval report to forward shuttlebay.”

Artie arched an eyebrow. The Lieutenant was correct about Taval, but he was surprised that the Betazoid was able to pick that out of his mind when Artie could not. Perhaps it was the simple stress of not being able to find the missing team for the last few hours. "Taval it is," he remarked quietly. "Ensign Nash, any sign of quantum filaments? Let's keep as much resolution on those forward sensors as possible. We can't afford to lose anyone else out here."

"Good luck, Lieutenant," Trenna said to the Betazoid Operations Chief. Hessen was a bit strange, and more than a little unnerving with his mind-reading, but he'd proven to be a very capable officer so far.

Evaad nodded, sensing his CO’s apprehension and quickly exited the bridge for a turbolift bound for the forward shuttlebay.

"There is some minor degradation in the starboard shielding," Ensign Nash answered, though it was more of a guess than anything; Quantum Filaments were nearly impossible to detect. He paused for a second, "Wait, one of the probes is gone...It's been destroyed." he looked back, "I think we just found one of the anomaly's Sir."

“Run a spectral analysis,” Artie spoke quickly, moving over to that station. “We need to see if it’s been traveling, and if so where it might have been. That could lead us closer to our people.”

"Running energy spectral density analysis on the quantum filament." Nash confirmed the orders immediately as he began tapping away at the screen in front of him. As the scan began to process he looked back at the XO who was standing over his shoulder. "Sir, all the disturbance in the area is wreaking havoc on our sensors I can barely keep the probes on screen. And any engine resonance left over from the ship isn't getting picked up at all." Nash paused and sighed feeling as if he'd let everyone down when an idea popped into his head. He closed his eyes and snorted shaking his head. "Of course...the light...I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner." he said opening his eyes, "The light." he repeated "The light that's bouncing off the planets and moons in the system can tell us if it sustains life. Sir, circular polarization, its an older tech, but we can actually analyze how the molecules interact with light and that will tell us if the planet can sustain Human life, then we can ignore the places that don't." Calvin stared at Commander Talbot waiting for permission to reprogram the probes.

Artie glanced over to the Captain, wondering what she thought about the scientist’s revelation. “Leave no stone unturned, Ensign,” the Executive Officer acknowledged.

"Sounds promising," Trenna said, standing up and moving towards the science console where Nash and Talbot were working. "Send the information about the filament to Lieutenant Hessen's shuttle too. I don't want him running into anything out there."

"Yes Sir." Calvin replied as he sent all the new information to the shuttle. Several quiet moments later he had the sensor probes re-calibrated and the data synced. "This should narrow down the search quite a bit." he said under his breath as the probes began relaying the new info to his console and to the shuttle simultaneously. "There we go." he added turning back to the Captain, "There are only three places here that can support organic life, two planets and one moon, hopefully Lieutenant Hessan can narrow it down more for us."

"Ensign," Batchelder piped in from his console, "Would there be any merit to running preliminary scans on the planets, to narrow it down further? I have access to the equipment manifest they brought along with them. If any of it is still running, I can likely get a lock on the power signature if I can pump a little bit more juice into the lateral sensor array." Letting his hands fly across his console for a moment in silence, he added, "Those people are gonna run out of time down there pretty quickly. I think the more we can narrow it down, the better. Saves us a bunch of trips too."

Nash nodded excitedly. "Way cool idea." he answered.

Trenna watched her crew as they continued to work furiously to locate the missing survey team. She was glad that the new folks were sliding into their roles so well already. Great crew, she thought to herself.


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