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The Waiting Game

Posted on Mon Feb 17th, 2020 @ 2:05pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Geoff Martinsen & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Batchelder & Lieutenant Alan Pierce & Lieutenant Evaad Hessen & Ensign Calvin Nash & Ensign Atyhle sh'Paveress & Staff Warrant Officer Bryan Itajime

Mission: Searching for the Lost
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 5 at 1030

It was quiet.

Not too quiet, but certainly quieter than usual for such a crucial part of a mission.

With Hessen on the Lhotse trying to use his telepathic gifts to locate the survey team, the Bridge was full of people working to do the same, albeit using different methods. They had managed to locate several quantum string filaments, each of which was scanned and it's location cataloged for the Federation database.

Trenna looked around the Altai's command center at each of the people. Martinsen was at the helm, which seemed to be the new normal. She made a mental note to talk to Artie about sliding the Ensign into the Chief Flight Control position. Ensign sh'Paveress was filling in at Ops. Batchelder at Engineering. Itajime at Tactical. Nash at Science. Artie was making rounds at the back of the Bridge, helping coordinate everyone's work.

She felt a bit useless. Right now, she was just waiting. Waiting for Hessen or someone on the Bridge to find something. Until the team was located, she was in a holding pattern.

Artie fought to keep a sigh from escaping his lips. As an engineer, he hated waiting. As an Exec, he was coming to hate waiting even more. At least in Engineering, he could fiddle, tweak, just do something to pass the time. But now, now he was solely dependent on a solid crew performing their jobs in the race against the clock. Artie was starting to worry that it was a race they'd soon lose.

The comm system came online, and the bridge heard the voice of Lieutenant Hessen. "Altai, Lhotse. I have a lead. We're doing an in-system jump to confirm. Stand by."

Ensign sh'Paveress looked down at her sensors to see the shuttle suddenly vanish. "I've lost the Lhotse's signal..." she reported. A new pass with the sensor palettes detected a new signal near one of the planets. "There it is," she quickly corrected. "Telemetry link reestablished. No indication of damage or other interference."

"Keep an eye on that link, Ensign," Trenna said. She knew it was an unnecessary reminder; the young Andorian woman had performed well so far in her time on the Altai. Trenna was just longing for something to do. Sitting and waiting while people were in trouble, potentially in severe distress, was not her strong suit.

"Find anything yet, Lieutenant?"

"I have something, Captain," Evaad replied over comm. "Alpha Remidian IV. Give me just a moment." The signal went silent for a short while, until Evaad re-established it. "Captain, I've made contact. Alpha Remidian IV confirmed. Repeat, Alpha Remidian IV confirmed. I'll try to get your their status momentarily."

"Good work, Lieutenant!" Trenna exclaimed. She jumped out of her chair. "Get us to the fourth planet, Ensign," she instructed as she closed the distance between the command seats and the helm console.

Geoff nodded. "Already entered." He punched some controls and the ship began to move.

"Meet us in orbit, Lieutenant. See if you can get any more information."

“Acknowledged,” Evaad said before closing the channel. He continued to bring the shuttle toward IV and kept in contact with Dr. Franze.

She looked at Artie. "I'm taking a team down there to find these people."

Artie blinked at the Captain. He wasn't surprised at her sudden declaration, after all, going down and doing something was a lot better than sitting around and waiting on others to complete their tasks. Artie crossed the bridge and leaned over a railing to talk in a quiet voice. "Captain? Are you sure that's a good idea? We already have malnourished survivors in harsh conditions. We can't afford to be without a Captain should something go wrong."

"Are you going to stop me?" Her eyes were locked on Artie's.

Artie could read her determination quite clearly in her voice. He wished he had a few moments to compose a fitting response, but the longer he remained silent in a moment like this only intensified the chances that she'd actually act on her intentions. "It depends on how determined you are to put yourself in danger."

From the Tactical console, Staff Warrant Officer Itajime watched Commander Talbot confer with Captain Osegan. He couldn't hear what was being said, but he could reasonably assume. Talbot was, as any good Executive Officer would, likely opposing Osegan's plan to put herself in a dangerous position by leading the away team. As the ranking representative present from Security and Tactical, he felt the need to step in.

"Captain," he began, "Perhaps Commander Talbot should lead the team."

Her head whipped around and her gaze fell on Itajime. "Your recommendation is noted."

Artie found himself grateful to have the unsolicited support of the bridge's tactical officer, and he would certainly have others should the need called for it. "Captain, need I remind you of Starfleet Regulations Section Twelve, Paragraph Four, restricts the Commanding Officer of a starship from leading or being a part of a landing party should the situation be deemed hazardous?"

"No, I know the regulations," she said quietly. "You'll lead a team, Commander."

Artie nodded to the Captain. Satisfied that the argument was over, he looked up to Staff Warrant Officer Itajime, Artie was about to draft the man for his team--

"And I'll lead the other team," she continued. "In a situation like this, I don't give a damn about the regulations. There are missing people and they're in a dire situation. Commander Batchelder, you'll remain here. In command."

Batchelder looked up from his station, nodded, and replied, "Aye Captain."

Artie paused and looked back to the Captain. In his short time serving with her, he knew very well that when her mind was made up, there was no deterring her from her desires. The decision had been made, and he would recognize it. But, that did not mean that he would neglect her safety. "I recommend that Staff Warrant Officer Itajime accompany you, Captain," he cautioned.

She looked at the tactical officer. "Guess you're coming with me."

"Yes, Captain," Bryan replied.

"Have some of your people prepare for a search and rescue."

Itajime nodded. "Nuñez, Siosifa, Grela, prep for SAR. Meet in transporter room two," he called out over the comms.

"Take Doctor Pierce with you," Osegan told Artie. "I'll take someone from Medical too. The survey team is going to need medical attention."

Artie nodded just before tapping his own badge. "Bridge to Sickbay. Doctor Pierce, please grab a triage specialist and meet us in Transporter Room Two. Bring along a medkit and anything you may need for malnourished survivors."

"Copy that Captain, were on our way." Alan answered.

"Captain," Artie added. "I suggest all teams take pattern enhancers and wear transporter armbands, just in case the Altai needs the extra hand in getting us out of there."

Trenna nodded. "Good idea. And bring extra armbands for the survey team."

'You got it." With that, Artie stepped away from the Captain. He crossed the bridge to the Operations station in order to have Ensign sh'Paveress prepare the necessary gear for eight personnel plus survivors.

"Entering orbit," Geoff called out.

"Thank you, Ensign," Osegan said. "Ready, Commander?"

"Ready as we'll ever be," Artie replied, leaving the Operations station. "Our gear and phasers will be waiting for us down in the transporter room."

"The ship is yours, Commander," she said to Batchelder before turning back to Talbot. "Let's go."

"Bring 'em back in one piece, Captain," Batchelder responded, moving to take up the center seat. "For all our sakes, we could use a win on this one."

Itajime followed Osegan and Talbot into the turbolift.


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