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From Orbit

Posted on Sun Apr 12th, 2020 @ 5:45pm by Ensign Geoff Martinsen & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Batchelder & Lieutenant Evaad Hessen & Ensign Calvin Nash & Ensign Atyhle sh'Paveress

Mission: Searching for the Lost
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 5 at 1145

Geoff stared at his console. His eyes were focused on the chronometer. The away teams had beamed down to the surface of Alpha Remidian IV several minutes ago. No one knew what the teams would face, and he could only imagine the horrible fates that might be lying in wait. Typically, an away team would check in once they materialized and established their bearings. The more time that passed, the more Martinsen would worry.

A few minutes earlier, the shuttle Lhotse had reunited with Altai, and Evaad Hessen had returned to the bridge. He nodded politely to Commander Batchelder and the other bridge officers as he took his station. “Sir, I’m still in contact with Dr. Franze from the survey team. We’re close enough that the other minds aren’t interfering too much.”

Hessen's mental abilities still gave Geoff the creeps, but at least the Betazoid was putting them to good use at present.

"Keep an eye on it, Geoff," Batchelder responded. "That away team's been out there for awhile now, I imagine they're in rougher shape than we think they are. If we need to, I'd like you to make us ready to move in and assist with a beam-out. I can figure out how the hell to facilitate that from a technological standpoint."

Martinsen nodded. He stared at his console. His nervousness took over and he started trying to locate the signals of the crew they'd sent to the surface.


No matter how he searched, he couldn't find anything.


"Yeah?" Jon asked, somewhat distracted by whatever he was doing on his PADD.

"There's no sign of our away team. I can't find their signatures. At all."

The Engineer looked up, and after a sigh said, "Well...shit. Alright. We at least know the locations they beamed to, so we can start there."

Turning to the Operations station, he continued, "Hey Evaad, throw a message down to one of the Engineers and ask them to re-configure a probe as a pattern enhancer. In fact, a few of them. It'll take a bit, they'll have to replicate the parts. Once it's done, let's work on establishing some sort of enhancing grid. Between that and the sensors, we should be able to find our missing away team, wherever they end up on the planet."

"On it, sir," Evaad replied. A few brief exchanges between his station and the engineering department followed. "Engineering Support Lab One reports they'll have the probes ready in fifty minutes. They're requesting that we devote resources from Support Lab Two and the Armoury to assist with replication and assembly."

"So ordered," Batchelder replied. "Tell them they can have anyone they need. This is priority one, as far as I'm concerned." Thinking about it further, he continued, "Evaad, when you have a moment, and if it's not too taxing, see if we can get a sitrep from Doctor Franze, and if he has any insight as to what could cause this. But I mean it, don't over-exert yourself, I need you here."

Turning back to the helm console, he barked, "Geoff, let's park the ship here for the moment. I don't want to go in any further until we know what we're dealing with."

Martinsen paused a moment. He wasn't used to senior officers calling him by his first name. He nodded, finally, and set the ship's thrusters to station-keeping.

Evaad diverted the necessary resources, and tried to reach out to Dr. Franze again. He was closer than he was when he made initial contact, but there were more people around him. “I’m having trouble restoring contact,” he advised Batchelder. “I’ll keep trying.”

Anninaray Franze sat in a cave, struggling to stay awake. She had reduced her rations even more so that the other members of the survey team who were in worse shape would have enough to survive. She knew someone was out there; she'd made contact with another Betazoid earlier. Were it not for that, she might have given up hope and allowed herself to slip away into the darkness.

Her eyes closed. "Are you there?"

Evaad might not have been able to reconnect with her himself, but with her broadcasting first, it was much easier. I’m here. We’re in orbit and trying to get to you, but we lost contact with our away teams. Do you know what might have caused that?”. “Sir, I’ve reconnected with the missing scientists. Stand by.”

Our comms equipment was damaged when we ran from them. Personal comms were working outside the cave though.

Wait, ran from who? Evaad asked. Or what?

We didn't see them coming. Not at first. They stalked us, though. Likely for days. We didn't see them until they attacked our camp. Vicious quadrupeds. They look like animals, but are sentient. Intelligent.

"Oh, no," Evaad said aloud, under his breath. "Commander. We need to contact the teams now. There's something pursuing them. Vicious beast-like creatures, but that are apparently sentient. The Captain and First Officer are walking into a trap."

"I don't think we can get in any closer and still be safe," Jon responded quickly. Pausing for a moment to think, he continued, "But maybe we can give them a warning. Have someone in the torpedo bay rig a torpedo for a chemical explosion once it hits the atmosphere. We can either warn the crew, or scare whatever the hell is stalking them off, if we can launch a few of them."


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