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Posted on Sat Dec 12th, 2020 @ 5:18pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Geoff Martinsen & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot & Lieutenant Evaad Hessen

Mission: Intersession
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0900

Geoff was, as usual, manning the helm. "We're coming into range of Gamma Command," he offered aloud. Both the Captain and Commander Talbot were still in the Ready Room, which left Lieutenant Hessen in the center seat.

"Thank you, Ensign," Evaad replied from the Captain's chair. It was a spot he never imagined himself in, but with Commander Batchelder still not fit for duty and most more senior officers working predominantly off the bridge, that left him to take command more frequently.

He had picked up what Martinsen was going to say before the words left his mouth, of course, and in these quiet times when he sat in the middle of the bridge, responsible for it all, it was hard not to read such thoughts as shouts in an already noisy room. How he longed to be able to focus on his console and drown out the others once again. At least his holo resources in his quarters kept him sane as they traveled from Alpha Remidian back to Command.

Evaad tapped a button on the command chair. "Bridge to Ready Room. Captain, Commander, we are on approach."

The Ready Room doors opened and Trenna walked out onto the Bridge. "Thank you Lieutenant," she said, moving towards the center of the command center. Reaching her chair, she remained standing. "Mister Hessen, before you get settled at your station, a moment." She motioned for the Betazoid to return to the center of the room.

As ordered, he stood in place, and began to blush, sensing what was coming.

Artie stepped off to the side, giving himself a proper vantage point for what was about to happen.

Geoff turned, eager to see what the Captain was going to do.

"I'm sure you already know what I'm about to say," she said, referring to his telepathic abilities, "but I'm going to say it anyways. For everyone else's benefit." A broad smile spread on her face. "Lieutenant Evaad Hessen, you have proved yourself to be a very capable officer, able and willing to step up when needed, resourceful, and creative. You even assumed command of the ship when Commander Batchelder was incapacitated. In light of all of this, I am happy to promote you to full Lieutenant." She withdrew a small box from her pocket and opened it towards Hessen.

He smiled widely and took the box from the Captain. "Thank you, Captain." He opened the box, withdrew the solid rank pip therein, and swapped it for the hollow one on his collar. "And thank you for the opportunity to serve. Not all Captains would want someone like me on their team at all. But my support team has encouraged me and I'm glad it's paying off, not just for me but everyone." Proud of his new rank, he stood at attention and waited to be dismissed to his station, even though he knew the Captain had already dismissed him in her mind.

"You've earned it. Good work," she said before dismissing him with a smile and a nod. Osegan turned her attention to the science console. "Lieutenant Waverly," she began, "Commander Talbot and I would like to have you remain onboard as Chief Science Officer. How's that sound?"

Allison was shocked. She'd been interested in observing how the Altai functioned, so she'd opted to spend some time on the Bridge. This was not something that she'd seen coming though. "Uh, wow," was all she could get out. At first. "I'm not sure if that's the best fit for me. Not chief anyway."

Osegan looked to Talbot, then back to Waverly. "That's too bad. The offer remains on the table until we leave port."

Waverly nodded that she understood.

With that out of the way, Artie left his vantage point and made his way to his chair beside the Captain. "Helm, distance to Gamma Command?"

The helmsman tapped his console and put Deep Space 11, home of Gamma Command, on the viewscreen. "Twenty-five thousand kilometers, Commander," Geoff replied.

Trenna settled into her chair. "Lieutenant Hessen, request clearance for docking. Ensign Martinsen, stand by to take us in."

Geoff nodded, double checked their speed and vectors, and waited for clearance.

As they approached the station, the noise of more and more minds began to fill Evaad's senses. Thankfully, the sheer quantity meant it was white noise and nothing too distracting. He briefly squeezed his eyes shut in an exercise to set the noise aside and worked on his console, opening a channel.

"Deep Space 11 Flight Control, this is USS Altai, requesting docking clearance," he said.

The voice came in over the bridge's loudspeaker. "USS Altai, clearance granted in Docking Bay Six. Traffic is clear along Flight Path Zeta. Thrusters only while on approach."

"Carry on, Ensign," Osegan directed.

Geoff smiled and nodded, bringing the thrusters online and backing off the impulse engines. "Here we go," he announced.

From her chair, Trenna watched her bridge crew proudly. Even with the turnover, she knew she had the best crew in Starfleet.


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