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Checking in with Security

Posted on Sun Aug 15th, 2021 @ 9:07pm by Chief Petty Officer Juliana Nuñez & Lieutenant JG Carri OZiah

Mission: Intersession
Location: USS-Altai
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1415

=/\= Security Section=/\=
Carri was walking along the USS-Altai getting to know her way around it after she dropped her things in her new quarters. She straightened her uniform and her Dark and blondc hair was up to make a good impression to her Security Chief. Carri contrinued walking on and got on the Turbo lift,and called for Security, she rode the lift for a little while with one big woosh, as it stopped to the level Security was on...
Carri walked along the hall way looking at her padd to find Security ,the 2nd padd was her info for her Security chief, as soon as she made it to the door she rang the chimes to wait to listen for her Security chief to respond...

The security office was busier than normal. Many new crewmembers, officers, warrant, and enlisted, had come aboard during the latest resupply. Those new members of the security department needed to be familiar with the ship and its procedures. They also needed to be drilled, have their competencies examined, and assigned duties based on strengths and weaknesses.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Juliana Nuñez was not a manager but she had proven herself an effective leader. It was probably why the Captain made her acting chief, even though some new officers ahead of her in rank (though not experience) had come aboard. She was using the chief’s private office to conduct interviews with new personnel, but had a brief lull in which to sip some tea and collect her thoughts.

The door chimed. Her 0930, early? She set her teacup on the desk and looked up. “Enter.”

It was not her 0930, a male Tellarite Petty Officer. It was a Bajoran woman wearing the pips of a Lieutenant JG. “Good morning, Lieutenant,” she said, standing. “Senior Chief Nuñez.”

Carri looked at her security chief.”Morning Sir, I hope you don't mind me wearing my bajoran jewelery,or do you perfer for me to take it off?” Carri asked him. She continued to stand attentively.

Juliana looked Carri up and down before smiling and chuckling. “At ease, Lieutenant. Aside from me being acting Chief, you outrank me not the other way around. As for the earring...” she stepped right up to Carri and took the earring in her hand. “If I pulled really hard right now, would it snap off cleanly or would there be blood on the deck? An earring through a piercing is a hazard, but a clip-on is fine.”

Carri nodded to Juliana and understood what she meant.”So I should take my bajoran jewelery off while on duty ma'am?” Carri asked her trying to stand down some . Carri was confused in the ranking system Juliana was talking about but just went with everything like Status quo.

Juliana let go and smiled. “Yes. You can wear a clip-on earring but the normal kind is a hazard.” She walked around the desk and pulled up the next week’s duty schedule. “You’re going to be Team Two Lead. Familiarize yourself with the patrol route. They don’t start for another ten minutes though. I was about to spend some time in the phaser training range. Do you want to join me until your shift starts?”

Carri looked at her as she took her bajoran jewelery off, to find something shorter to wear later, and understood she was team 2, and her shift started in 10 mins she wrote all that down on her padd so she would get everything Straight, then she looked at her security chief.”Sure I would love to Ma'am.”
Carri said with a sorta evil smile she wanted to get used to using a phaser again, she just had that evil look as if she'd rather shoot anything she saw.

The acting Chief noticed OZiah’s look, and put in her memory for future reference. Just serious and intense, probably, but keep an eye out. The woman had a commission and had been serving for years. All crew received the benefit of the doubt.

She led the Bajoran to the weapons locker and withdrew each of them a sidearm. They then made their way to the phaser range. “You’re blue, I’m red.” She double-checked her weapon and activated the training program.

Carri nodded to the the officer as to what is going on. “I have one question you said im blue your red,now do I hit your red targets or my blue Targets?' Carri asked the Chief Petti Officer Nunez, Carri just wanted to know how to do the training assignment.

Carri was always alone in the holodeck firing objects on her own, she was never with a partner.

“You target blue, I target red,” the acting department head clarified. The targets appeared and began moving. Juliana began shooting at red.

Carri looked at Petty Officer Nunez.” Understood, I'm blue your red, I shoot blue targets, and you shoot red targets.” Carri said to double check what the petty officer said. So Carri followed Petty Officer Nunez to go where the Target practice will be at, she knew where to go.

The targets began to glow and move. “Now, Lieutenant!” Juliana took two more shots at red targets. One went wide, which annoyed the Chief.

Carri began to shoot the blue targets as she was told hoping she don't hit the red ones by accident.


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