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Meeting command

Posted on Thu Jun 3rd, 2021 @ 12:10am by Lieutenant JG Carri OZiah & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot

Mission: Intersession
Location: USS-Altai
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

Carri was on rounds and headed for the nearest turbo lift to the bridge, and as she was riding the lift it went to a full stop to the bridge and
she got out and walked around looking for the Executive Officer LtCmdr Talbot she wasn't sure what he looked like she looked at her padd and it showed her who he was as she kept looking around.

With Captain Osegan currently off the bridge tending to other matters, the task of looking after events on the bridge had fallen to Commander Talbot. Artie, like most days on the bridge, found himself sitting in his chair beside the Captain's seat. His eyes remained fixed on the screen in front of him, reviewing the departmental reports from throughout the small ship.

He heard the turbo-lift doors open, and he'd glanced up, just as he often did, to see the new arrival. It was a Bajoran woman, whom he didn't recognize. He had to assume that she was one of the newer arrivals. After all, one had to be cleared by the ship's security protocols to access the bridge. "Looking for something, Lieutenant?" Artie asked from his seat.

Carri looked at the person who looked like the XO,” Hi I'm Ltjg Carri Oziah I'm the new Security Officer on the Altai, who might you be sir?” Carri said to the gentleman with a short smile she felt a bit nervous being on the Bridge of the Alti. She walked a little closer to him and listened to what he had to say...

"Lieutenant Commander Artie Talbot," he greeted, rising from his chair. He approached where she stood and offered a hand should she wish to shake it per customary greetings. "Welcome aboard the Altai, Lieutenant Carri."

Carri had her uniform Straigten, and her Uniform and made sure her black and Blonde hair was tied up in one bow and smiled to Ltcmdr Talbot.”Thank you sir , I feel welcomed.” she said with a small smile as she was a bit nervous meeting command for the first time. She just liked to make a first empression for them without any mistakes on her part.

Carri hope her Bajoran Jewelery was accepted aboard the Altai,she heard once heard from one of her Bajoran friends, that her Captain made her take her Bajoran jewelery off while doing her shift. Carri hoped it wouldn't happen to her.

Artie nodded and offered a smile. "Have you reported in to your department head yet? I believe Chief Nuñez is presently in charge of Security.

Carri looked at Artie, “not not yet sir im just making my way around to there, also sir is my Bajoran Jewelery excepted or should I take it off?” Carri also Asked.

"Captain Osegan is Bajoran," Artie answered. "She's known to wear her earring... well, let's just say I've never seen her without it. I suppose that should answer your question, Lieutenant Carri."

Carri nodded,"Ok sir" she looked at Artie . "I wasn't sure if i could wear mine too." Carri also said.

"It would be improper for the Captain to hold the crew to standards unequal to her own," Artie pointed out. "If she wears hers, it's acceptable to wear your own. But now that that's settled, is there anything else you wish to discuss? Or are you eager to get started with security?"

Carri looked at her commanding officer and nodded,”I cant think of anything right now sir , I guess I'm eager to get to Security sir.” Carri said with a stern look on her face trying some what to make a good impression. She stood attentively listening to everything was said.

"Then I'll leave you to it, Lieutenant," Artie said with a smile. "Welcome aboard, and dismissed." With a nod, Commander Talbot excused himself and returned to his chair.

Carri nodded and smiled,”Thank You sir.” she said as she was excused and took off for her duties.

Ltjg Carri OZiah


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