A Helping Hand?

Posted on Tue Mar 8th, 2022 @ 11:41pm by Ensign Geoff Martinsen

Mission: Beacon
Location: Deck 4
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 1400

Though normally a tidy person, Geoff couldn't bring himself to make much headway cleaning up the mess he'd made of his quarters. Instead, he left his quarters, tricorder in hand and phaser holstered, to try to help wherever he could.

In addition to his quarters, Deck 4 was also home to Main Engineering, Sickbay, and the Security Complex. He figured one of those places would be the best to start. He quickly ruled Sickbay out; he lacked the medical skills necessary to be of much use there. With an intruder onboard, Security didn't seem like the best place for someone such as himself.

"Engineering it is," he said quietly. The corridors were mostly empty, save for the random security officer jogging off in pursuit of the intruder. Or so he assumed.

When the doors to the main level of Engineering opened, he looked around to see if there was an obvious place he could lend a hand. He approached a Lieutenant and cleared his throat.

"What do you need, Ensign?"

"I'm here to pitch in. Where do you need me?"

The Trill Lieutenant smirked. "Grab a kit and go with Ensign Salim. There's some busted consoles on the Bridge."

Geoff froze. "The Bridge? Is there something else I can do?"

"You wanted to help, didn't you?" the tall Trill said. "That's where I need you. Ensign Salim, this one's with you. Get going."

Martinsen sighed as he picked up an engineering kit and followed Ensign Salim, a rotund Axanar. "Just so you know, I got kicked off the Bridge earlier," Geoff sheepishly told his partner.

Salim grunted. "I know. Lieutenant Grez knows too. That's why I'm stuck with you."

He'd wanted to help, but so far Martinsen only felt worse.

The doors of the turbolift opened and the duo stepped onto the ship's command center. Geoff took a deep breath and tried to not look at the Captain. Or anyone. He was so embarrassed by his earlier behavior and he didn't want Osegan to think he was trying to be defiant by returning to the very place he was ordered to leave.