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On To The Next Town

Posted on Fri Jun 8th, 2018 @ 5:34am by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Geoff Martinsen & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot & Lieutenant Ardal King & Lieutenant Tol Serran & Lieutenant Margaret Knight MD & Lieutenant JG Sr'asi & Lieutenant JG Kemm Talu & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ryland Dedeker

Mission: Gamma Quadrant or Bust
Timeline: MD 16 | 0900

Exiting her ready room, Trenna walked directly to the pair of command chairs in the middle of the bridge. Because they were still in dock, there was minimal staffing in the ship's command center. "Ensign," she called to the young Human man at the Ops console, "put me on ship-wide."

What had been a very simple extra duty shift, had just taken a turn for Ensign Geoff Martinsen. With the Altai being docked and operating largely off of SB375's grid, Geoff had been willing to volunteer for a shift manning Ops. It wasn't his usual assignment; he was far more comfortable piloting a ship. Being a junior officer, one of his primary tasks was to take the knowledge he'd gotten in the Academy and both apply it and expand it. Picking up extra shifts at other duty stations than his own gave him that opportunity. But now, the Captain was on the bridge and giving him an order.

"You're on," he said, having activated the internal comm system.

"Attention all hands; this is the Captain," she said, still standing near the center seats. "I am happy to report that the refit has been completed and we have been cleared to return to active duty. Effective immediately, standard shift rotation resumes. Alpha shift, report to your duty stations." She looked towards Ops and signaled for the comms to be closed before she finally sat in her chair.

When the shipwide comm came through, Ryland had been on his way to the Airponics Bay. For the most part he ignored the captain's announcement, but that last part sounded important. He stopped in his tracks and deliberated about sneaking a peek at his agricultural project. At length, after bouncing on his heels in nascent frustration, he groaned and headed back to the turbolift he had just exited.


He noted that at least turbolift rides were short on Steamrunners. The doors parted almost as soon as they'd closed, revealing a sparse shift. Looking to the command chair, he smugly said, "Permission to enter the Bridge."

"Take your station, Chief," she said. "Assuming you're ready for it."

Ryland grinned. "Ready and willing for anything, Cap." A half wink might have punctuated his words.

Trenna held back her smile. "Station," she said firmly. She wondered if Talbot's disciplinary style needed some work.

"Yes, ma'am!" He clicked his jackboot heels together before taking up the Tactical station. The shadow of a smirk darkened his face.

===[Main Engineering]===

Artie had been in Engineering, keeping close watch on the final phases of the refit from the pool table. The refit hadn't quite gone like he expected, but its success he could only attribute to the new Chief Engineer. It had been an interesting feeling, watching someone else take charge in his former engine room, especially after all the lonely months he'd spent inside of it.

"Looks like you did pretty well, Lieutenant," he said to Lieutenant Serran. "Ready to take the girl out for a spin?"

"Aye," said Serran, checking a readout. "She's ready to fly... Engineering to bridge, we're ready to switch over and get underway when you are, Captain."

Whitenhurst entered and saluted both Talbot and Serran. "Ready and eager to go, Sir."

"Lovely... Station please."

With matters under control in Engineering, Artie excused himself. Before he could disappear into the corridor, he turned around in the doorway to observe the engine room a final time. Well, it wouldn't be the last time he was in Engineering. He'd undoubtedly return several times a week, but it just wasn't the same without a tool kit in his hand. Brandishing a weak smile, he took off for the bridge.

Serran watched the Altai's executive officer go, then turned to Whitenhurst. "I'm going to the bridge--think you can handle things down here for a few?" She nodded. "Right, thanks..." Tol exited at a fast walk.


King was in Security, his job had never ended, technically. He didn't have to work double shifts if he didn't want to, but his job had been the same. He looked at the padd, one of his security staff had a knee injury a while back and medical was clearing him to return to active duty. "Two weeks, standard shifts. Then you get reviewed by medical again. If you have any problems over the next two weeks, notify myself or Lt Roberts, we will either relieve you or get you relieved and you will go directly to medical. 90 Days after the two weeks, we will discuss you doing your recert for SRT and RRT. Dismissed." He had heard the Captain's announcement and had the computer replay it, just in case he missed anything.

King pushed a button on his computer station, the computer routed the message to all Security Comm badges, "King to Security. What is your status and location?" Within a few seconds he was getting reports of where his officers and crewmen were at and that the areas they were in were secured. He pulled it up on his terminal the reports where security had done sweeps and listed them secured. His Armory staff was securing the last of the armory lockers on the decks outside of the main security armory as he reviewed it. When it was secured, "King to Captain. Your ship is tight."

King secured the Security Office and headed towards the turbo lift to the bridge. He stepped into the turbolift and spoke, "Bridge." Then he belched and it smelled like chili cheeseburgers with onions and garlic. He was locked inside with it.

===[Science Lab]===

At the conclusion of the Captain's announcement, Kemm looked up from his screen at the science lab around him. It was practically empty now, but would soon be bustling with activity.

Kemm grabbed the duty roster to see who was already on shift that he could leave in charge of the lab section while he made his way to the bridge. Not that he needed someone to take charge while the ship was docked, and the regular shift officer would arrive shortly to relieve whoever was appointed, but Kemm liked to keep a clear chain of command.

Unfortuanately, the skeleten staff of scientists were all engaged in active experiments that Kemm would rather not interrupt. In fact, besides himself, there was only one research assistant available.

"Crewman, would you mind coming here," Kemm said to the man, posted a few stations down.

"Yes, sir," Crewman Tim Carmichael said, walking over as briskly as the day he came out of boot camp.

"Carmichael, I'm going to name you officer in charge of the lab until Chief Bautista arrives for her duty shift," Kemm said. "I'll be on the bridge."

"Excuse me, sir?" Carmichael said, looking around. "Did you charge?"

"Yes, until the chief gets here, I'm guessing less than 20 minutes," Kemm said.

"But, sir," Carmichael said. "Isn't there someone more qualified? I've only just come aboard and..."

"I've seen your work, Crewman, and I'm sure you can handle it," Kemm said. "All I need you to do is raise the alarm if the lab is on fire, and deliver the watch report to Chief Bautista when she arrives. Can you handle that for me?"

"I think so, sir," Carmichael said with even less confidence in his voice than appeared on his face.

"Well, I'm certain enough for the both of us," Kemm said as he handed over the PADD with the watch report. "And if you get into trouble, just do what I do."

"What's that sir?" Carmichael asked.

"Blame it on the bridge officer," Kemm said with a smile, and walked out of the lab to staff his station on the bridge.


Being already in Sick Bay, Maggie simply shrugged to herself. What was she supposed to do, report to herself? The thought gave her a giggle as she pictured a strange sort of comedy routine where she jumped back and forth in place, holding a dialog with herself.

"Leser!" she called to her head nurse. "Are all Alpha shift nurses accounted for?"

"They're all here, sir," Leser replied. "Ma'am. Which do you prefer?"

"I never thought about it," admitted Maggie. "Whichever you prefer. Or Doctor. Whatever. I suppose it doesn't matter."

"Okay, George," replied Leser with a slight grin.

She could only laugh at that. She was going to get on just fine with this guy. "Sick Bay to bridge," she said with a tap of her com-badge. "We are ready to depart."


Captain Osegan sat in her chair, monitoring the status reports coming in from around the ship. The sound of the turbolift opening grabbed her attention.

The ship's newest Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Artie Talbot, exited the turbolift to witness a bridge bustling with energy. It seemed just about everyone was tired of being in drydock, and frankly, Artie couldn't blame them. "All's taken care of down below, Captain," Artie said, taking his station.

"Have you gotten used to the collar yet?" she teased quietly.

"What's that?" asked Talbot, not realizing that his index finger had found its way between collar and neck. Now self-conscious, Artie pulled it out and focused on the viewscreen ahead.

"It's okay," she said. "You didn't expect this. You hadn't planned on it. I know how you feel." She offered her Executive Officer a friendly smile. "We'll get through this. Together."

Serran exited the turbolift. "I thought I'd come up here to get a bit more familiar with things." He sat at his station, relieving the crewman there.

Artie nodded to the Captain, then looked at the Chief Engineer as the Betazoid took his station. There was no use resigning to regrets at this point. The decision was made and it was time to move along. Tapping a ship-wide intercom button, he called out, "This is the Executive Officer. All departments report readiness status."

"Helm ready," Sr'asi said, turning just slightly in his chair to glance up at the command duo.

"Science ready," Kemm said, confirming for the third time that the ship sensors were fully engaged for departure.

The turbo lift doors opened and he was trying to wave that away. When he realized the doors were open, he stood at ease, "Captain, permission to come onto the bridge?" He didn't know any of the humans could smell that. He tried to be as professional as possible.

Looking back at the source of the voice, Trenna saw her security chief standing awkwardly in the open turbolift car. She nodded before giving Talbot a bit of a look.

"Commander," she said, deciding to give the new command officer a little more experience, "take us out."

Normally, Artie enjoyed this part. To him, there was nothing like departing from a starbase and engaging that warp engine for the first time. But, this would be the first time from this end of it all. Perhaps it would still be as enjoyable as this time he'd actually see what everyone else saw.

"Mister Sr'asi," Artie said, looking forward, "contact Three-Seven-Five control and request permission to depart."

The Caitian tapped at his console in silence. After a few brief moments, his station beeped at him. "Permission granted, Commander." Without waiting for further orders, as he should have, Sr'asi continued on. "Set course at 021 mark 3. Quarter impulse." The ship slowly slid forward and the starbase fell behind.

Ardal King doesn't normally get to see departing a Starbase from this position anymore. If you aren't assigned to the bridge, you didn't just go to the bridge. The awesome thing about being Chief of Security, you can do your job from anywhere on the ship.

Arte found himself thankful that they'd taken the ship out of dock yesterday for warp trials after completing the warp drive phase of the refit. The Altai had been in station keeping mode, holding a fixed position to the station's starboard side. Had they still been docked, Sr'asi's premature action would have ripped out docking latches and ports on both the starbase and the Altai, prompting a month of repair work. "Readjust heading," he called out. "Bring us about, bearing two-zero-one, mark three. As soon as we're clear of the station's outmost perimeter, engage warp six."

The small ship banked to the left, barely missing the large boom-dock that was protruding from the side of the starbase. A smile slowly appeared on Sr'asi's face. "Aye, sir," he said. Another set of commands entered into the console, and suddenly the ship's nacelles flashed blue and the vessel disappeared from normal time and space.

From his Tactical station, Ryland whistled at the cavalier feat, long and low.

The Caitian will get us all killed, Osegan thought. Unless Dedeker does first.


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