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The Scent of Desperation

Posted on Thu Aug 2nd, 2018 @ 5:10pm by Lieutenant JG Kemm Talu & Lieutenant Rushorial Ch'doyale

Mission: Light is Dark
Location: Counselor's Office
Timeline: MD 03 | 1045

Dr. Rush sat across from his current patient in the midst of a session, his sightless eyes stared distantly in the direction of Lieutenant Kemm. "Kemm, it appears as if the prescription is doing a good job at helping you sleep and dealing with your appetite. You seem to be in a rather nice place right now." His foot moved around as he sat with his legs crossed and his antenna seemed to twitch as he spoke. "That being said I would like to see us move away from treatments like that in the near future." A smile crept across his face "Now, did you have anything that has happened recently you would like to discuss? Any stress from the job perhaps?" He moved his hands to the arms of his chair, the room was a moderate temperature a private office for the Counselor. There was his especially cool chair that he sat in and a coffee table separating him and another chair with a couch accompanying. A dividing wall was what those furniture pieces were pressed up against, the door behind that, with crystals on strings hanging down to complete the look.

"Or we can discuss more of your past, whatever you're most comfortable with talking about Lieutenant."

"If I was comfortable with my past, I probably wouldn't spend so much time with counselors," Kemm said jokingly. "I can't think of anything serious, and I've been managing to sleep."

He paused before continuing, "The tactical chief seems to keep getting on my nerves, so I guess there's that. No, he pisses me off. I can usually handle crass and rude, but he just...something doesn't sit right."

"Ah, Dedeker? Rude you say? I'm not sure I've had a thorough look at his record quite yet." Rush tapped on his PADD and looked over the file on Dedeker, which was fairly sparse in terms of counseling. "Could you perhaps go into further explanation? What were the incidents with him that really stand out?"

"It just seems obvious that he doesn't care about anything, even himself. The sexual harassment and smart ass comments are one thing, but he showed up intoxicated to a senior staff briefing. What if the Captain had called us to the bridge for a fire fight instead of just a meeting?" Kemm said, shaking his head. "I've seen this before, and I just...people will get hurt. He needs to be taught a lesson, and the command team doesn't' seem willing to do it."

"Hm, that is truly some troubling behavior. I am surprised he's still in Starfleet with behavior like that, he must have quite the decorated record to protect him." Rush shook his head from side to side "It would seem your disdain for him is justified. However we all must work together on this ship, him and you as well. Have you gone to the Captain about this? Because it seems a little out of my hands besides suggesting he too seek me out for help. It could be many different things effecting him."

"I don't expect you to fix it, Rush, and I'm not trying to call him out for your services," Kemm said, staring around the room for a moment before continuing." You know, when I was a prisoner, the brig officer -- or jailer or whatever you call it -- he only had one eye. He used to lead the raiding parties, but a conduit exploded or something and he lost one eye and only had about 75% vision in his left. He never recovered so he got to babysit the prisoners.

"Well he was a real bastard, but the worst beatings and the most skipped meals always came when somebody came down and asked him for advice about a raid. Every time they reminded him that he wasn't pillaging anymore, he got angry and took it out on us. But the thing was, we lived on a damn pirate ship -- there were a lot of reminders. And that anger ended up getting him and the rest of his crew killed, and he almost took me down with him," Kemm paused for a long time. "I won't let that happen again."


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