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Posted on Sun Aug 5th, 2018 @ 5:12am by Captain Osegan Trenna & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Batchelder

Mission: Light is Dark
Location: Various
Timeline: MD 03 | 1327

Nodding politely to the pilot of the shuttle, Jonathan stepped down the back ramp, and into the somewhat more pristine than he was expecting shuttlebay. As expected, there were a few crewmen milling around, but no one appeared to be there to meet him.

Tapping his combadge and sighing softly, he ordered, "Computer, location of Captain Osegan."

Captain Osegan is in her ready room. You are expected to report to her upon your arrival.

"Fantastic," he responded dryly. "Is the ready room on Deck 1 like most starships, or is it in one of the pylons?"

The Commanding Officer's Ready Room is located on Deck One, directly off of the Bridge.

He had already stepped into the turbolift while the ship's computer was responding, and waited to command the lift where to go until he had the response. He'd had a brief chance to look over the Steamrunner class, but not as much time to become acclimated as he'd have liked. A warp core was a warp core, but the rest of the ship would be his and his team's to repair and maintain, and he knew he'd have to lean a little more heavily on his crew than he preferred, until he got his feet underneath him.

The trip to the bridge was as blissfully short as he was hoping, though not at short as it had been on his previous assignment. He inhaled sharply, and stepped out. The bridge was a pretty typical layout, and he clocked the engineering station with a quick scan. Various members of the crew seemed to be milling around the bridge, but none of them paid him any mind. He understood, he definitely didn't tend to stand out in a crowd.

Stepping around the side to the ready room, he pressed the call button and awaited a response. Decorum.

The sound of the door chime pulled Trenna into the present; she blinked as she looked around. I'm in my office, she thought. Robin's not here. You're alone.

She shook her head, trying to get the lingering images to clear from her mind. After a moment, she reached out and touched a control to activate the doors; which promptly whooshed open.

Jon stepped through the door, and announced “Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Batchelder, reporting as ordered, Captain.” He set his mug of piping hot coffee on the opposite side of the desk from her, pulled the PADD out from under his armpit, and slid it gently across the desk.

Bajoran. Good

“May the Prophets guide our hands in this endeavor,” he said, sincerely. “I’m looking forward to learning the ship and being a pioneer with you.”

In spite of the recent happenings in her personal life, she couldn't help but smile. "'The Prophets' may not have any more role in our success than whatever deity you might recognize does. But I appreciate the words, nonetheless. Thank you, and welcome aboard the Altai."

Somewhat relieved that his words were taken with the sincerity he'd intended, Jon let out a small exhale of relief before responding. "Thank you, Captain. I have some experience with small ships, and I'm happy to be where I can put that experience and skill to good use."

"My Executive Officer was an engineer, before I dragged him into Command. He oversaw our recent refit, so I'd check with him if you want a good overview of the ship."

Jon nodded, and said "I certainly planned on checking in with him, yes. I think it's important for senior staff to show the proper amount of respect for the rest of your fellows, so that you know who the fly in the ointment is, so to speak. In my case, it's typically been me, but I think that just comes with age. Do you have a uh...preferred pronoun? Sir? Ma'am? Captain? Skipper?"

"Captain works well enough," Osegan replied. She hadn't been asked how she preferred to be addressed. "As does ma'am. Not fond of skipper, if I'm being honest."

“Fair enough,” Jon said through a soft but kindhearted chuckle. “I have a tendency to shy away from gendered qualifiers for my commanding officers. So Captain it is. Thanks.”

"Have a seat and tell me about yourself."

Jon grimaced for a moment, and replied “There’s honestly not much to say that isn’t in my service record. I’ve survived Wolf 359. I survived the Dominion War. I find I’m my best self when I have a ship to manage and a small crew to keep busy. Other than that, I don’t know what else I can tell you. I place a high value on decorum and respect, I make frequent trips to counselors, as I believe everyone can avail themselves of cognitive behavioral therapy, and when the going gets tough, I tend to knuckle down and put my head into my work. I’ve never lost a ship, and I’ve never been in such dire straits I couldn’t limp my way home.”

Looking down at his hands for a moment, Jon said “But the ghosts of the past can be a terrible thing to come to grips with. Especially when you’ve experienced a lifetime of war and misery.” Looking up at Osegan, he continued, “not that I’m sure you haven’t experienced that on your own, ma’am.”

"Compared to many of my people, I've been lucky," she explained. "I was born on Bajor, during the Occupation, but my father was able to secure passage off world for my mother and I. Instead of dying in a labor camp or being a 'comfort' woman for some Cardassians, I grew up working on cargo freighters." Trenna paused before continuing. "I returned to Bajor once the Occupation ended. Joined the Militia. Served there during the Dominion War. I wonder if we might have crossed paths at some point. Were you in the Bajor sector during the war?"

“I was actually,” Jon replied through a tired exhale. “I served on the Yamatai during the Dominion War. She was an Akira. It’s...not my favorite time to recall, as I’m sure you can understand. Too many away teams against the Jem’hadar. Too many good people lost. It’s likely we were in the same battles together. We fought alongside the Militia on more occasions than I can count.”

Jon sunk deeper into his seat, feeling a bit more relaxed. “It’s rare I find myself going toe to toe with anyone else who’s as experienced as I am from those years. I have to admit, Captain, it’s a little refreshing.”

"We spent the early part of the war allied with the Dominion because of the non-aggression pact. Us Militia folks were mostly just protecting Bajoran shipping routes. We ran a lot escort missions." She leaned forward in her chair, towards Batchelder. "Once Captain Sisko retook Deep Space Nine, Bajor started working alongside Starfleet. On occasion, we'd find ourselves acting in Bajor's interest, even if it didn't align with Starfleet. Like when we blockaded Derna so the Romulans couldn't establish an armed base there. That was a hell of a time, facing down a dozen warbirds with our little assemblage of impulse ships."

"You, undoubtedly, saw more action in the war," she conceded. "I don't envy you for it either." She picked up the mug on her desk and took a sip of the now lukewarm coffee therein. "How does it feel to be in the Gamma Quadrant? Given your history."

Jon thought about it for a brief moment, and responded, "To be honest, Captain, I don't know that I have any strong feelings about it one way or the other. I suppose there's something to be said for exploring an old enemy turned ally's stomping ground. I'm sure the counselor would agree that it's some kind of theraputic. I can't say I'm excited to run into the Dominion, after what they put us through. But seasons change, as they say."

He took a sip of his own coffee, and continued, "At the end of the day, the Gamma Quadrant is the last great unknown. And after a lifetime of war and strife, I'd really like to just go explore the unknown."

A big smile spread across her face. "That's what I like to hear. Exploration is exactly what we're out here to do." The Bajoran woman set her mug down. "I think we'll get along well, Commander. Do you have any questions for me?"

Taking the cue, Jon rose, and said, "Not at this moment, no Captain. I'd like to go report to Commander Talbot, get a sense of what I'm dealing with as far as the refit and overall sense of the ship, and then head below decks. I'll make sure I swing by sickbay for my onboarding physical. Permission to leave?"

"Of course, Commander," she said, getting to her feet. "My door is always open if you need anything."

Stepping out of the door, he turned back a final time, and said "I look forward to working with you, Captain."


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