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Forgiveness or Permission

Posted on Fri Aug 24th, 2018 @ 8:52pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Nandi Chakma
Edited on on Tue Sep 18th, 2018 @ 10:49pm

Mission: Light is Dark
Location: Deck 8 | Stellar Cartography
Timeline: MD 04 | 0800

Alpha Shift came early that day, which normally would have been great for Nandi and her Gamma Shift schedule. Today was an important day, though, and she had voluntarily scheduled herself to work a double. The telemetry data had already begun pouring in since the probes had launched. Nandi bit her lip in anticipation of what they might reveal.

=/\="Ensign Chakma to the bridge.=/\=

Nandi yipped at the sudden intrusion to her private world. A less-than-steady hand tapped her combadge in reply. "Chakma here. Isn't Lieutenant Kemm on the bridge?"

=/\="No,"=/\= said the Ops officer. =/\="Security just took him to the brig. Your presence has requested to replace him on the Science bridge station."=/\=

But... she had staked out her place in Stellar Cartography. The bridge console wasn't even a close second to the lab.

"Acknowledged," she said with a huff. "Chakma out."

A thought occurred to her. "Computer, where is Commander Osegan?"

"Commanding Officer Osegan Trenna is currently en route to the brig," the computer answered.

That wasn't far. Much closer than the bridge at any rate. If Nandi was going to beg the captain for a favor, she would do it in person.

On her way to the turbolift, Nandi ran through all of the points she wished to make. She also reminded herself not to be demanding. Demands were disrespectful. Instead she would appeal to the captain's sense of duty. Any officer could man the bridge's Science station. Nandi's place was in Stellar Cartography where she could watch the computer update the simulated projections in real time.

Stepping off the turbolift, Nandi felt confident in her plea. She just knew the captain would --

"Excuse me," she said to the woman she nearly bumped into. Her meek tone flared with a touch of panic when she recognized Trenna's face. "I'm so very sorry, Captain! I-I didn't see you..."

Trenna stopped short of running into the Ensign. "It's okay," she said quickly. Given what was going on, her mind wasn't really focused. She gave the young woman a forced, but polite, smile before starting down the corridor again.

"Oh, um, excuse me, Captain? If I might have a moment of your time." Nandi held up a finger and trotted after the other woman. "It's my understanding that I've been summoned to the bridge because Lieutenant Kemm is in the brig? If there's any way I can be of help, I'm certainly willing, but to be perfectly honest, I would much rather oversee the probe data's telemetry download in Stellar Cartography... if it's all the same to you, ma'am."

"Talk to Commander Talbot," she replied, exasperated. "I've got my hands full at the moment."

That sounded like tentative permission. Or close enough for her purposes. "Very good. I'll send word to him immediately. My apologies for disturbing you, Captain."

She replied with little more than a grunt before quickening her pace.

Left in Captain Osegan's wake, Nandi moved to the next step in her plan. With a tap to her commbadge, she said, "Chakma to Ensign Qirqun. Please report to the bridge."

=/\="The bridge? But I thought--"

"On the double, Ensign!" Nandi said with an uncharacteristically imperative tone. It wasn't often she flexed her positional authority, and it still felt awkward doing so.

=/\="Yes, ma'am. Qirquin out."=/\=

Nandi smiled at her small victory. There was nothing left for her to do but return to Stellar Cartography and the telemetry survey data.


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