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Posted on Wed Sep 19th, 2018 @ 3:36pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Geoff Martinsen & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Batchelder & Lieutenant T'merron & Lieutenant JG Kyle Roberts & Ensign Nandi Chakma

Mission: Light is Dark
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD 04 | 0840

On her way back to the bridge, Trenna thought about what Kemm had said. He'd clearly pointed the finger at her and Talbot as being, through their inaction, responsible for the current situation. Her initial reaction to being so accused was denial, but that was a knee-jerk response. It was certainly something she needed to think about more, including with Kemm himself.

"Status report," she called, stepping out onto the bridge.

Artie couldn't say he was surprised to see the Captain back so soon, but the look on her face told the novice first officer that there was something else at work. Perhaps this situation had taken further turns. "Probes are deployed, Captain," he said, turning away from the station which he'd been monitoring the probe telemetry from. "We have been picking up some interference and background noise from the sensors and the probes, but that's likely due to the magnetic properties of the pulsar." He wished a capable science officer was around to tell them more, but that would have to come in time he supposed.

"The interference isn't anything on our end? Nothing's wrong with the sensors or probes?"

“Not as near as I can tell, Captain. Everything looks to be working perfectly from our end. From a mechanical standpoint, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be getting the data back,” Jon replied.

Trenna shook her head. "What does Science make of it?" she asked. With Kemm confined to quarters, the assistant chief should have been on the bridge managing the project.

"Too early to tell," Artie answered. "We're just now starting to collate the raw data. Took us a while to filter out all of the magnetic interference in order to actually get something worth looking at."

"On the screen," she instructed, turning towards the front of the bridge. "Let me see what we're getting from the probes." She approached the railing that separating the rear deck from the command area and stood at the console there. Which was when she noticed a Vulcan woman on the bridge; someone she didn't recall having seen before. "Can I help you?"

"I am the ship's new Chief of Security" T'merron said folding her hands behind her back.

Not right now, Trenna thought. Instead, she ignored the Vulcan woman.

As instructed, Artie nodded at the nearby Ops officer, who complied with the Captain's order. The screen flashed, overlaying the probe's telemetry over a dimmed view of the pulsar itself. Flashing lights indicated where the probes had been placed, as well as a marker for the Altai's present position. "Even though we've filtered everything out, there's still a few sensor echoes and occasional feedback spikes. So far, everything correlates to the magnetic radiation emanating from the pulsar."

The Bajoran Captain looked at the information on the viewscreen. She wasn't a scientist, not by any measure. But she had been deputy director of the Starfleet Office of Astrometrics. That assignment had been short-lived; after several months she was recruited to, by her former CO, to serve as his Executive Officer on the Rothschild. So she wasn't quite sure what she expected to uncover by looking at the abnormal telemetry, but it didn't stop her from trying.

"This," she said, motioning with her right hand at a portion of the display, "is an example of what you're talking about?"

"It is, Captain," Jon responded. "I don't understand it at all. By all counts, we should be receiving perfectly valid telemetry and data back, but we're getting...this."

"For all we know," Artie began, "it could just be a patch of reflective space dust that's confusing the sensors. If you like, I can get the janitor out there to mop up the area, but I doubt it'll be worth it."

Geoff looked at the viewscreen. He wasn't sure what everyone else was seeing; it all looked like pretty routine data.

"Let's keep a log of the disturbances. For future study," Osegan instructed.

"Aye, Captain," Artie confirmed, making a mental note. "We should be able to keep everything running for the next few hours. I know the science teams will want all of the data that we can muster, but with all of these echoes and feedback issues, I don't know if we'll ever be able to get a clean scan."

"But will that be good enough for Kemm's people?" she asked, not expecting an answer. She looked at the viewscreen for another moment, again trying to decipher the interference. "Commander," she started, turning to address Batchelder, "see what adjustments you can make and configure another set of probes. Clear telemetry is our goal."

"I'll see what I can do, Captain," Jon responded. "But I'll likely need to tinker with the probes themselves in order to accomplish that. Permission to leave the Bridge?"

Osegan nodded. "Go."

Kyle had personally escorted both men to their quarters to ensure they arrived. He'd then quickly put together a duty rotation for guard duty outside their quarters. Just in case. With all of that in place, Kyle now found himself on the turbolift to the Bridge. When it stopped, he exited. "All in place, Captain," he said.

"Lieutenant Roberts," the Bajoran woman said, glad that the security officer had returned to the bridge, "Starfleet has sent you a new chief." Trenna motioned towards where T'merron stood. "Can you get her up to speed on the recent situation?"

"Of course, Captain," he replied. He turned toward the Vulcan woman and smiled, "Welcome aboard, ma'am. So glad to have you."

The Vulcan gave a nod and in the typical Vulcan tone T'merron "Looking forward the your briefing."

While Roberts briefed the new Security Chief, Trenna studied the probe telemetry more. "Get Ensign Chakma up here," she instructed, looking at Talbot. "Something feels 'off' about all of this," she explained.

Artie nodded to the Captain before taking a break from looking at the telemetry and returning to his designated seat on the bridge. He reached to his combadge and tapped it with his index finger. "Bridge to Ensign Chakma. Report to the bridge."

A barely suppressed sigh of exasperation came through the comm. =/\="Aye, ma'am. I'm on my way."=/\=

In a moment's time, blue swirling energies deposited Nandi next to Trenna. "I came as quickly as I could," she said, stating the obvious. "How may I be of assistance?"

Incredulous, Trenna looked from the newly-materialized science officer to Talbot. "Did that really just happen?" she asked no one in particular, though her eyes were cast in the direction of the Executive Officer. "You used the transporter to report to the bridge?" she asked, turning her attention back to Chakma.

Nandi stared downward and gave Trenna a sheepish glance. "I... I thought it was important and... Did I displease, Commander?"

"Don't ever do that again," Osegan instructed. She gave Talbot an incredulous look before continuing. "With Lieutenant Kemm...otherwise occupied, you should be here on the bridge. We're having what seems like interference in the probe telemetry. I want to know what it is."

"Oh," Nandi said. "Earlier you said..." She cleared her throat. "Well, the interference would have to be discordant radiation of some kind." Hurrying over to the science station, she made a nervous grimace as she spoke. "I don't know what off the top of my head, so please forgive that. Allow me a moment to consult the scanners."

Osegan moved to her seat in the middle of the bridge. Coming off a refit, nothing on the ship should be performing below standards, so this sensor issue was more than a little unwelcome.

"Apologies, Commander, but I am unable to isolate the source of the interference," Nandi said at length. Her fingers and eyes alternated their scrolling back and forth across the console. "I can boost the gain on our sensors, but the sheer diversity of particles swirling around out there are simply too much to filter out completely. They become obstructing at sufficient amplitude. Perhaps if we got a little closer..." She gasped at her presumption. "Or not. Forgive me."

Artie had noticed the science officer's unorthodox method of arrival. He would have to review with the Operations and Security staff several ways to prevent the transporter from being abused, especially via unauthorized personnel. "Bridge to Commander Batchelder. Do you think we could get a little closer? What about the effects of the electromagnetic radiation on the shields and hull?"

"Shouldn't be an issue," the reply came after a few moments. "Don' know, go full impulse right into the eye of the pulsar, so to speak...but I'd say at the point where it would be dangerous for us to be that close, you'd know it pretty much immediately. We can deal with most of the radiation and electromagnetism just fine. I'll have the Engineering team keep an eye on it for you though, just in case."

"Acknowledged. Thanks, Commander. Bridge out." Artie tapped his badge to close the channel and called out to the helm, "Take us ahead slowly, one-quarter impulse. Keep a minimum distance of ten thousand kilometers, but bring us to a full stop if anything starts going awry."

Geoff nudged the ship forward, complying with Talbot's orders. Nothing seemed to change as they neared; no power surges, no alien surprises, no random exploding consoles. Not even a sensor feedback pulse. Nice and easy, the young helmsman thought. It needs to always be like this.

"At ten thousand kilometers, Commander," Martinsen reported.

"How's that?" Artie asked, taking the liberty of standing and approaching the science station.

Nandi was at a loss. "Um... so the signal is slightly stronger, but the interference is as well. It's almost as if... No, that's stupid." She gave an anxious sigh. "I'll keep trying, Commander." The isolation of the stellar cartography lab never sounded more appealing.


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