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Want Some Company?

Posted on Thu Oct 25th, 2018 @ 10:16pm by Lieutenant JG Kemm Talu & Lieutenant Margaret Knight MD

Mission: Light is Dark
Location: Kemm's Quarters
Timeline: MD 05 | 0940

Whether she was doing this because she was annoyed at Ryland or because she truly cared, Maggie didn't know, but it didn't really matter. The fact was that she felt badly for Kemm and didn't think it was totally fair to have locked him in his quarters. Granted, she couldn't think of another punishment suitable for starting a fist fight on the bridge, but even so...

So, here she was, staring down a security guard who seemed to not want to move out of her way so she could ring the chime. "Nobody said he couldn't have visitors, did they?" she asked.

The security guard frowned, but moved aside and Maggie pressed her thumb to the chime.

Kemm opened the door from the inside and was surprised to find the doctor standing there. He was still distracted from the end of his meditation, but tried to let it fade from his mind.

"Lieutenant, what can I do for you?" Kemm asked.

"I thought you might like some company," she replied. "And also some hasperat. I got the cook to make some up," she added, holding up two wrapped packages. "It's fresh."

Kemm took longer than usual to process what Maggie said. After a moment, he stepped to the side and motioned into his quarters. "Please come in. Sorry I'm distracted, you just caught me a little...enthralled in a project."

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Maggie apologized. “I could come back later, if you prefer.”

"No, please do come in," Kemm said, leading the way into his apartment and moving some reference material off his table. "I was just wrapping up for now."

“Keeping busy, then?” She replied. “There’s nothing worse than having nothing to do.”

"I've been allowed to monitor the current mission, and I've always got research and other tasks to pursue," Kemm said. "Anything to drink?"

“Just water,” she replied, setting the two wrapped packages on the table. “Anything interesting?” she asked, meaning the other tasks.

Grabbing two waters from the replicator, Kemm sat down at the table. "Just parsing through some historical data," he said. "Sometimes it's the only way to understand our current situation."

"Doctors use historical data more than anybody else," she agreed as she sat across from him. "It helps with diagnosis; tricorders only do so much, you know. Did you find anything interesting? Or useful? Or both?"

"Hopefully both," Kemm said, hoping to change the subject. "So, anything I missed on the outside?"

"Not really," answered Maggie, passing him one of the wrapped packages and opening the other carefully. "Mostly just some gossip. Oh, and one of the trainee medics completely failed at a bone set and repair simulation; he totally forgot to set the bone before repairing it. It was a mess."

"Do me a favor and don't let him work on me," Kemm said, unwrapping the hasperat. "How pissed is the Captain? Is she screaming about me from the big chair?"

"I haven't been up to the bridge, but I haven't heard any yelling, so she might be cooling off," Maggie replied. "I'd give her a wide berth, though, just in case."

Kemm laughed. "I think that option has been taken off the table. Though this should be an interesting staff meeting..."

"Oh, right, the staff meeting," agreed Maggie. "I had almost forgotten about it. Oh, well. She's not likely to light into you in a staff meeting, is she?"

"I'll be attending via viewscreen," Kemm said. "But for the most part I'll defer to Ensign Chakma. I'm not much for micro-managing and she'll do a fine job."

“It’s nice to have people you can count on,” Maggie agreed. “My medical staff is like that. I could disappear for three weeks and everything would be the same as I left it.”

"As long as nobody breaks a bone, right?" Kemm replied.

She gave him a sideways grin. “That would be preferable,” she agreed. “Contrary to popular belief, doctors don’t actually enjoy having sick and injured to attend to. We’d much rather that everyone was well and whole.”

"Sorry to make that difficult," Kemm said, and continuing on before he even realized he was asking. "Have you seen Dedeker? Did he ever let you treat him?"

“Eventually, yes,” she answered. “The Captain had to order him to let me, though. The stubborn mule. I’d have let him suffer if it had been up to me.”

"I believe he's suffered enough," Kemm said, who stopped eating but stared straight into his food.

Maggie blinked, surprised. Kemm Talu is was probably the last person she would have expected to express mercy or sympathy- or whatever this was- for Dedeker. “You... you do?” she replied.

Kemm looked up into the doctor's face. Her surprise shouldn't have caught him off guard, but he realized that his lack of communication was not just an issue with the Captain.

"I didn't punch him in a fit of rage, I wouldn't have survived on Bajor if I was that sensitive," Kemm said. "I notified my backup to come to the bridge, I took one swing and then let him do the rest. I think he needed to be removed from duty, but I figure he's been dealt a shit hand and he's trying to figure out how to play it."

Maggie nodded slowly. “Well, that’s a valid assessment,” she replied. “Part of me feels bad for him, but another part of me thinks he could at least be polite.”

Kemm laughed loudly, "I think that is also a valid assessment."

Maggie replied with a grin. At last she was feeling a bit more comfortable with the Bajoran. Maybe this friends thing could work out after all.


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