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Status Report

Posted on Tue Oct 9th, 2018 @ 6:19am by Captain Osegan Trenna & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Batchelder & Lieutenant T'merron & Lieutenant Margaret Knight MD & Lieutenant JG Kemm Talu & Ensign Nandi Chakma

Mission: Light is Dark
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: MD 05 | 0955

With a little more than a full day of sensor data captured, Trenna decided to convene a staff meeting to review the progress. She had sent notification out to the invitees at the beginning of the shift and, now that it was closing in on 1000, the Bajoran woman sat at the head of the table in the conference room, a mug of coffee in front of her.

Since the subject of the meeting wasn't very germane to counseling, Doctor Ch'doyale hadn't been invited. Ensign Chakma, as the ranking science officer not currently subject to discipline, would be present. Dedeker was still confined to quarters, but his deputy wouldn't be attending for a similar reason as Dr. Rush. Otherwise, the attendee list was typical: Commanders Talbot and Batchelder, Lieutenant T'merron, and Dr. Knight.

The remaining invitation was the one that Trenna had been unsure of, but she had ultimately opted to allow Lieutenant Kemm to participate. Despite his recent actions, Kemm was still the Chief Science Officer and the Altai's mission was scientific. Even though Ensign Chakma was actively involved in the investigation, Kemm had more experience. Unlike the other officers, Kemm would be joining them via the comm screen in the conference room; Osegan still wanted some physical distance between the science chief and the rest of the crew.

Bullshit, she told herself. You don't want to be in the same room with him right now. This is about you, not the crew.

Doctors were always the last to arrive at meetings, which is why Maggie stopped just inside the door, blinked behind her dark glasses and then shrugged before taking a seat. "I have never once been on time for one of these," she commented. "I suppose there's a first time for everything. Good morning, Captain."

Nandi slipped in right on her heels, nearly bumping into her. "Oh, excuse me!" She shuffled over to the nearest seat at the table. The afterthought of a nod toward Trenna was the most she could manage with her blushing cheeks.

Trenna gave the physician a warm smile. "Thank you, Doctor." She looked at Chakma and offered the science officer a simple greeting. "And good morning to you, Ensign."

"Good morning," Nandi managed to squeak back. She fought the urge to hunch down into her seat.

"If it makes you feel any better, Doctor, until I moved into Command, I was rarely on time to these sorts of meetings."

Maggie grinned. "It does, actually," she replied. "Just a bit."

Jon stepped into the Conference Room, delicately taking a sip from his mug as he traversed his way to a seat. As he sat down, he nodded to the assembled crew, and offered a polite "Good morning."

Entering the room Lieutenant T'merron gave a nod to the room and a almost dry "Captain" as she made her way to a chair facing the entrance.

Following the new Security Chief into the room was the ship’s Executive Officer. Artie usually preferred to be among the first to staff meetings, but it seemed being among the last was yet another price to donning the red collar. Nodding to the Captain, Artie took his customary seat.

With all of the physical invitees present, Trenna tapped a control and the screen blinked on, revealing Lieutenant Kemm. "Thank you all for your attendance," she began. "I don't anticipate this meeting taking very long, but I though it important to get an update on our mission. First, this is Lieutenant T'merron, our new Security Chief. I'm sure most of your have met her already." Looking at Doctor Knight, she continued, "Some of you are not directly involved in our mission, so this is largely just for your information. So you know what's going on. Any questions so far?"

Artie shook his head and then looked towards the rest of the group assembled, wondering if they had anything to add.

Jon reflexively cleared his throat, as he was glancing down that the display. Looking up, he replied, "No questions thus far, no."

"Ensign," Trenna began, looking towards Chakma, "can you, and Lieutenant Kemm, provide us with an update?"

Nandi felt a jolt at being being put on the spot. "Um, yes, Captain." Her tongue dried up inside her cotton mouth. She reached for a glass of water, only to realize there weren't any refreshments. "Uh... Please excuse me," she said, getting up from her seat and rushing to the replicator.

"Any progress with that interference we were getting?"

Kemm watched as the ensign disappeared from the table and leaned forward to appear larger on the viewscreen, hoping to answer the questions as well as draw attention away from Nandi.

"Captain, there hasn't been any progress identifying what the cause or source of the interference is," Kemm said. "We have a small team looking at it, but our primary focus has been adaptation and collection of the pulsar data. In that regard, we believe the integrity of the data has been secured and we hope to revisit the interference issue as resources allow."

Osegan considered the information. "As long as we're certain that it's not a danger, we can just focus on the pulsar. We don't seem to have any time constraints as we haven't received any direction from Command on our next assignment. So let's make sure we make the most out of the time." She looked at the Chief Engineer. "Anything to report, Commander? I'm imaging things are business as usual for you folks."

"We're working with the science team to make sure the sensors are appropriately calibrated, but other than that, yes Captain. Not much to worry about in the way of the warp drive when we're at station keeping," Jon replied with a shrug.

"Teamwork," she intoned with a nod. "That's how it should be. If no one has anything else...."

Nandi returned to the table with glass of water in hand. Despite the refreshment, her throat still felt parched. "Captain," she said meekly before taking another sip. "There is one possibility that we have not ruled out. It is possible that our sensors are being jammed by a cloaked vessel. We'd have to divert resources away from studying the pulsar in order to root it out...or confirm nothing is out there." She bit her lip, clearly uncomfortable with the suggestion. "Perhaps Security or Tactical could assist in that regard?"

"I'm willing to hold off on it. What do you rest of you think? Osegan asked the assembled staff.

"It wouldn't hurt to rule out that we're being spied on, I suppose. We'd need to do a tachyon sweep to know for sure," Jon replied to the Captain. "If you want to divert sensor power from the pulsar, I can work with Lieutenant Kemm to get it done as efficiently and quickly as possible."

"I agree with Commander Batchelder," Artie added. "If our sensors are being jammed whether it's be a cloaked vessel or some sort of background radiation that is bouncing off the pulsar, it's worth ruling out. Aside from that, we could take a shuttle or a runabout to another vantage point just to see if triangulating readouts could help us filter things out. It would give us an advantage over unmanned probes."

Nandi cringed even harder. "So dangerous. Who in the world would want to do that?" She put her hand to her mouth with a gasp. "I'm sorry, Commander. It is not as a bad idea. It could even be a good one...with the right sort of person." The look on her face all but pleaded that it not be her. Taking a small craft anywhere near a pulsar was dangerous enough, but the possibility of a hidden adversary flitting about made the prospect a bridge too far for her personally.

"Assuming that the Captain approves of the idea," Artie said, glancing to the Captain. "I could pilot the runabout and take along a couple specialists to make sure there aren't any surprises and we get good readings. Probably an hour at most away from the ship should help us get what we need."

Trenna nodded. "Let's give it a shot. Ensign Chakma, you'll accompany the Commander. Take along whoever you need from your staff."

Nandi maintained her composure as best she could. "Yes, Captain..." The Science department was small enough, and the shuttle even smaller. As little as she relished the thought of being out in the dark looking for hidden enemies, the thought of any junior officers or enlisted staff joining her only made the prospect more nerve-wracking. It was hard enough commanding respect. She could scarcely imagine the damage caused should any of them see her panic in a close quarters environment. "I'll manage on my own."

The Bajoran woman looked towards the Chief Engineer. "Take Ensign Martinsen with you too."

“Aye Captain,” Jon responded. “Permission to leave? I need to grab some gear from Main Engineering. It would be a detour to do that on the way to the shuttlebay. Also it wouldn’t hurt to check on the Engineering team in case we get shot out of the sky, so to speak, while we’re out there.”

Osegan motioned towards the door with a wave of her hand. "Is there anything else we should talk about right now?"

"Yes..." Nandi squeaked as she slid her hand up to be recognized again. "What if...we do find someone out there? Nobody blocks sensors for friendly reasons..."

"Then we'll deal with it, Ensign," Trenna said firmly. "But it might turn out to be nothing, so don't worry about it too much."

Artie raised an eyebrow, noting that the Captain liked the runabout idea, but had quickly shifted it to the Chief Engineer. Was the Captain uncomfortable having her first officer depart the Altai? Everything had moved too fast, and now it was too late to interject. Artie would have to learn to speak up a lot sooner. Resigned to his fate, he glanced at the other officers to see if they had something to add.

Osegan stood up. "Dismissed."


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