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Check-in and Check-up

Posted on Fri Jan 4th, 2019 @ 1:12am by Lieutenant JG Evaad Hessen & Lieutenant Margaret Knight MD

Mission: Light is Dark
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 05 | 1500

Evaad had just been dismissed from the bridge and finally given permission to begin settling in. He had checked the logs to find his quarters (Deck 2, near the rest of the senior staff) and that his personal effects had been delivered.

He desperately wanted to find isolation and respite in his quarters, where he could try to drown out the world, but he knew he had other responsibilities, and that his life would be more difficult if he didn't see to them immediately.

So his first stop was to Deck 6, to meet the Chief Medical Officer.

It was a slow day, so when Maggie spotted someone new come in, she immediately abandoned her task of checking expiration dates on medicines and went to greet him. "Hello," she said cheerfully. "How may I help you?"

"Dr. Margaret Knight," said Evaad. "But you prefer Maggie. I'm Evaad Hessen, the new Chief Operations Officer. Thought it best to visit you now."

Maggie blinked several times behind her dark glasses. "Either you've done your homework or you're telepathic," she finally said. "Also, why did I not hear about new crew?"

"Telepathic," answered Evaad with a slight smile. "And my apologies, I know most people don't like their thoughts read, but with me it can't be helped, I'm afraid. And I don't think anyone was informed of my arrival. Commander Talbot seemed surprised when my shuttle landed earlier today."

"That's unusual," replied Maggie. "Not the telepathic, that nobody knew. Well, no, I suppose an 'unable to control it' telepath is unusual as well. Have you tried low-dose neural suppressants? Wait, let's do things in order; Do you happen to have a copy of your orders on you?" Since she hadn't been informed of new crew, she didn't have his medical records, but his orders should have a copy of the records attached.

Evaad gave the doctor a PADD. “Here you go, Doctor,” he said. “And yes, it is unusual. Very few Betazoids are like this. Some are born with their telepathic powers at full strength, and they can’t cope with the overwhelming mental noise from infancy. Others, like me, faced extreme trauma. Thousands of people dying all at once. Broke down my barriers. Now, where would you like me to go?”

"Right over here," she said, glancing over the information on the PADD. She led him to a nearby biobed. "Jump right up here and we'll get started," she added, taking out her tricorder.

Evaad hoisted himself onto the biobed and sat down properly, looking straight ahead as the doctor scanned him. “You mentioned neural suppressors. I’ve neber had luck with them, but I’m happy to experiment on them with you. If we find one that helps without debilitating me, then all the better.”

Maggie nodded. "I'm willing to give it a go," she said as she began her scans. "I know there's probably no outright cure, but if we could tone it down to a dull roar, you might be able to ignore all the input."

Evaad thought about that. “That might work. Let’s schedule a more intensive discussion in a few days. In the meantime, how am I health wise? Good to go on duty?”

"So far, so good," replied Maggie, making an adjustment on her tricorder. "But, I'm not done quite yet. Do you have any medical complaints or concerns?"

"None that don't pertain to my telepathy," Evaad answered. "I need to put on more muscle, but the Corporal has agreed to help me with that."

"Well, that's something," replied Maggie with a slight grin. "Who's the Corporal?"

"Corporal Hastings," said Evaad with a proud smile. "One of my holograms. I developed her years ago. She's one of my many helpers. Her thing is discipline and fitness. She also helped me pass my weapons proficiency tests."

"I suppose I shouldn't laugh," she laughed. "After all, I spend a lof of time in the Holodeck talking to the Doctor. Usually 4 or 12, sometimes 27. Are you familiar with the Doctor Who Holonovels?"

“I am!” Evaad replied with a smile. “Though I’m partial to 9 and 17, myself. I never thought of designing one of my holograms to play that Doctor, though. I should have clarified before, I have a number of homemade holograms for coping purposes. Because I can’t sense them, but can engage with them, they’re the perfect distraction. They each have roles though, too. Fitness and training. Studying and learning. Companionship and counseling.”

"Makes sense," agreed Maggie, nodding. "That's actually a really great idea. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it." She grinned. "I guess because it's not my direct problem. You've been living with it your whole life; I only just found out about it. Necessity is the mother of invention and all."

“That’s right,” Evaad said. “It took me a while to figure it out. Injured myself, and went to a sickbay that was empty. Activated the EMH, and was instantly intrigued by the idea. Learned about the Voyager EMH. A sentient hologram! Now I’m a hologram expert.” He smiled proudly.

"If I ever need advice on holograms, I know who to come to," she replied. "Well, everthing looks good enough for me to clear you for duty. I'll do some research on those neural supressors and let you know what I come up with."

"Thank you, Doctor," said Evaad. "If that's all, then I'd like to return to my quarters before tonight's dinner." He pushed himself off the biobed onto his feet.

"Oh, I almost forgot about that," she moaned. She hated social events, but there was no way out of this one. "I suppose I'd better go get ready, too. Why do our captains put us through this kind of stuff?" she asked rhetorically.

“Even though I can read captains like a book,” said Evaad, “I’ve never figured that out.” He smiled and left sickbay, to get into his own dress uniform for this evening.


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