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There Be Glurone Here!

Posted on Fri Mar 22nd, 2019 @ 3:34am by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Geoff Martinsen & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Batchelder & Lieutenant JG Evaad Hessen
Edited on on Mon May 13th, 2019 @ 1:29am

Mission: Light is Dark
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 5 at 1820

The ship on the viewscreen was big. Whereas the Qlo'ka ship was about the same size as Altai, the Glurone ship was more than twice, maybe even three times, as big.

It sat there, silently, on the screen. Trenna didn't know if the ship was visible now because of the actions of her crew or if the Glurone had dropped their cloak intentionally. Either way, she was glad she could see the ship now. And that they weren't still firing weapons.

"It looks like they still have power," she said to no one in particular, "based on the lights."

"And at least working thrusters since they aren't tumbling out of control," Martinsen chimed in.

“Those cannons on her hull,” Evaad said, “I’m not reading any power to them. But my senses are being to clear up now that I can see the ship. They’re frantic. There are people trying to run new power connections to those cannons.”

"I don't think that would go well for us," Osegan replied quietly.

She stared at the massive ship. It was unlike any ship Trenna had seen before. The asymmetry made it uncommon, though the Breen were known for asymmetric ship design. There was a pair of very visible canons, but they didn't know what other weaponry the behemoth carried. Other than the projectiles that had been volleyed at them repeated.

"Now that the cloak is down, what do we know about them?"

Artie had been sitting still, his engineering mind attempting to reverse engineer the craft on their viewscreen. He'd always found starship design to be a remarkable feat, especially when he had to develop warp fields that would allow those craft to travel. He never understood Breen asymmetry, but as long as it worked, he supposed it didn't matter.

Because of his absent mindedness, it took him a few seconds to register the Captain's request. Quickly, he looked down to his console and initiated a scan of his own. "Now that we can see it," Artie said, "I'm picking up fistrium, trellium and some amounts of kelbonite. The kelbonite appears to be isolated to certain areas of the ship, but it's internal."

“That kelbonite probably points to sensitive areas of the ship,” remarked Evaad. “It’s a natural transport inhibitor. Lining certain compartments with it would prevent enemies from beaming in. Genius, really.” He looked at the ship on the viewscreen and his console. “I’m reading a crew of about 400, multiple species. In my mind I’m hearing cries for help and anguish from about 300 of them. The rest must be the Glurone themselves.”

"Are they rounding up the Qlo'ka?" Artie asked to no one in particular. "Is that why they were able to nab their delegation to our ship, because they can't just beam over to the Qlo'ka's ship either?" What had they gotten themselves into?

She looked at her Exec. "I know we're a bit out of the main corridors, but there was another ship out this way, right?" she asked him quietly. Despite her hope that things were turning a corner, Trenna was concerned that they might need backup. Especially if the Glurone went on the offensive again. Or they had a second ship show up.

Artie had to pause, first racking his memory, and then resorting to the latest ship movements registered by the ship's sensors from the last major scans. "The USS Jirdegee, at last report, was about twenty or twenty-five minutes away at warp six. Norway class, I believe."

"Mister Hessen, send a message to the Jirdegee. Appraise them of our situation and request their assistance," Osegan ordered. "Hopefully this doesn't get worse, but I'd rather be prepared."

"Yes, ma'am," Evaad said. He quickly typed up a short summary of their incident with the Zynd'ra and the Glurone ship, attached relevant sensor data, and sent it off. "Message sent." After a few seconds, his console chimed. "Jirdegee acknowledges and has increased speed. Estimated arrival time now fourteen minutes."

Osegan studied the Glurone ship on viewscreen. The Zynd'ra crew was on that ship and she needed to get them back. Especially since she felt responsible for them being kidnapped in the first place; if she hadn't had them come to Altai, they'd most likely still be free.

"Let's see if they'll talk to us. Open a channel to the Glurone ship."

Evaad tapped some keys on his console, and the telltale audio cue of an open channel was heard. "Channel open."

"Glurone ship, this is Captain Osegan Trenna of the USS Altai," she began. "We don't want to continue to fight you. We just want the Qlo'ka returned to their ship."

There was no response.

"Are they receiving?"

"Yes, ma'am," Evaad reported. "I can sense their resolve. They're pointedly ignoring you, Captain."

"And here I thought the Qlo'ka weren't the talkative type," Artie muttered loudly enough for only the Captain to hear. In a louder tone, he stated, "If they're trying to restore their weapons, should we disable their engines and power grid for now?" Artie personally was in favor of that option only as a last resort. Considering the Glurone weren't talking, there might not be too many other options.

It was a good suggestion, but given the Glurone's size and firepower advantage, she wasn't ready to push them further yet. "Glurone ship, this is Captain Osegan Trenna of the USS Altai. Please respond." She paused, waiting to see if they would, in fact, respond. When they didn't, she continued. "If you release the Qlo'ka and allow them to leave unharmed, then we will also leave peacefully."

She looked again to Hessen. "They're getting that?"

“They are, Captain,” Evaad confirmed. “Still pointedly ignoring you. Their seething...their rage...I get the feeling we disrupted something important. Enough that they will kill us if they regain power.”

Damn! she thought. "Carry on, Commander," she said, giving Talbot the go ahead.

Artie frowned, finding himself yet again in a position where one of his crazy ideas fell back on his shoulders to execute. Holding in a sigh, he adjusted his position in his chair, and tugged down on the front of his uniform jacket. "Miss T'merron, target the Glurone engines and primary power systems. Disable, do not destroy. Fire when ready."

The Executive Officer had shifted his attention down to his console where he watched the sensor readouts come in. "Direct hit on their engines," Artie reported, looking up at the Bajoran Captain. "The vessel is switching over to emergency power. They're not going anywhere soon."

Evaad’s console began to chirp, and he felt a shift in the Glurone’s thoughts. “Captain, they’re hailing us,” he said in a tone that revealed his surprise.

"On screen," Trenna said, unsure what to expect. The Glurone had proven to be resistant to talking, so she was skeptical that this was going to be fruitful.

"Leave or we will destroy you," demanded the beastly visage on the viewscreen.

This is off to a wonderful start, she thought.

"I am Captain Osegan. We have no desire to continue fighting you."

"Because you fear us!"

She shook her head slightly. "No. Because we are a peaceful people. We are here on a scientific mission. Our interest is in exploring space."

"Peaceful!" the Glurone spat. "How dare you say that after you fired on us!"

Trenna turned towards Talbot, giving him a subtle smirk. "You attacked us first. From behind a cloak." She stood up and stepped forward, approaching the helm console. "Once we discovered the Qlo'ka, we sought to learn more about them. As explorers and scientists, that's what we do. But you boarded my ship and kidnapped my guests, the Qlo'ka. That's unacceptable."

The Glurone made a snorting noise. "Our business with the slick-skins is none of your concern."

"Actually," she said, getting increasingly annoyed that the man who had attacked her ship was not trying to convince her that nothing was wrong, "it is very much my business. When you violated my ship and kidnapped the Qlo'ka, who were my guests, you made it my concern." She stared at the Glurone. "And I really don't like your gaslighting."

Without taking her eyes off of the viewscreen, she addressed Talbot. "Commander, how long until reinforcements arrive?"

Artie glanced down quickly at his console, then back up to the Captain. "Six minutes. They've increased speed to warp eight." The former engineer knew that if he was in the same position as the Glurone engineer, there would be no way to repair or bypass that kind of damage in that short amount of time. He'd just be getting started.

She stood there, silent for a moment, staring at the viewscreen. "Did you hear that? In six minutes another of my ships will be here. You're already damaged. What's the likelihood you can stand up against two of us?"

"Don't threaten me!" the Glurone snarled.

"That isn't my intention," she responded. "As I've said before, I have no desire to fight you. I just want to return the Qlo'ka to their ship."

The menacing face on the screen quickly replied, "This is none of your concern!"

Is it just me, or am I needing to repeat myself a lot here? she wondered.

The Bajoran Captain sighed deeply. "Remember when you boarded my ship and kidnapped my guests?" she asked rhetorically. "You brought me into whatever conflict you have with the Qlo'ka. Ideally, we all go our separate ways peacefully. But first, I need you to return the Qlo'ka that you've taken prisoner. Decide in the next four minutes and I'll signal my other ship to come in peacefully...instead of with weapons firing. The decision is yours."

She looked over her shoulder at Hessen and motioned for him to cut the channel.

Evaad promptly cut the channel. He couldn’t hide the smile on his face. “Captain, could you kindly remind me never to get on your bad side?”

Artie sighed, not believing at all that they'd somehow got themselves into this mess. He still blamed himself, but he'd save the pity party for the personal logs and reports. Right now, lives were still in danger. "Commander Batchelder," Artie spoke up, rising from his chair and approaching the Engineering station. "Is there any way we can lock onto the Qlo'ka lifesigns and beam them out?

Jon had largely been silent during the proceedings, observing and running programs on his console in anticipation of what could come next.

“If I can get a spec of their lifesign, sure,” he responded. “Their shields are down, I could beam anyone on that ship anywhere you want me to, in theory.” He thought for a moment, and continued, “Unless they’re in an area of the ship that’s shielded in Kelbonite. I’m no slouch of an engineer, and even I couldn’t make a modification to get past that.”

"What if we can beam over and set up pattern enhancers?" Artie suggested. "Or use isolinear tags to establish a signal that we can lock onto. If we have all transporters working at full tilt, we can have all of the Qlo'ka beamed over in what? Five? Ten minutes?"

Jon canted his head at the XO, and raised his eyebrows at him. “Yeah, five to ten minutes in a best-case scenario. I’d suggest the security detail going over there brings along some rifles though, just in case.”

Turning to look at the Bajoran Captain, Artie gave the woman a nod. The plan itself was sound enough, assuming they could quickly isolate and defend the Qlo'ka during the escape. "What do you think, Captain?"

Trenna looked at the Glurone ship on the viewscreen. She wasn't fond of the idea of sending any of her people over there, but she wanted to get the Qlo'ka back. Resolutely, she turned to look at Batchelder. "Get your team together and beam over."

Jon stood, and said, "Aye," before leaving the bridge abruptly. How did this suddenly become my damned job?

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