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The Waiting Game

Posted on Wed Apr 17th, 2019 @ 2:48pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Geoff Martinsen & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot & Lieutenant JG Evaad Hessen

Mission: Light is Dark
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 5 at 1830

"Keep a lock on the away team," she ordered Hessen. "The second they have trouble, I want them back here."

"Yes, Captain," Evaad replied simply. He put the transporter lock readout just to the side of his main console. Additional sensor readouts showed the status of the Glurone ship. He kept an eye open for power spikes, signs that weapons or shields were being repaired, or evidence that new systems were coming online. "My mind is also locked on them. I can hear all four crystal clear."

"Down to four minutes on the Jirdegee," reported Artie, having relocated to the tactical station for now. "They are signaling, wondering if they need to come in weapons hot or if the situation has come under control."

Trenna looked at the image of the damaged Glurone ship on the viewscreen. "Looks to be under control for now," she said. "Tell them weapons on standby would be smart. These situations can turn nasty real fast. Especially with us sending a team over there."

"Aye, Captain," Artie confirmed, typing and sending the message in response. Just a moment later, he received an acknowledgement of the signal.

The waiting was stressful. Given the brutality of the Glurone when they'd boarded the Altai, one could only imagine how they were reacting to Batchelder's team.

Trenna stood up and started pacing.

"Anything on the away team yet?" she asked, aware that it was probably too soon for there to be much to report.

"Stress levels just increased," Evaad answered. "They triggered an alarm, I think. Glurone minds read as increasingly...frantic? I'm having a harder time reading them. There's a lot of mental noise much closer that's drowning them out." He stopped short of saying that it was the Captain's thoughts that were the most distracting.

This is taking too long, Trenna thought, having stared at the Glurone ship on the viewscreen for several more minutes. It shouldn't be taking this long. The away team must have run into more difficulties.


Evaad winced. “Injuries. A fatality, too, I think. And rage.” His comsole began to beep. “Heavy weapons fire. There’s a major firefight going on. But I still can’t isolate individual lifesigns.”

This was not what Trenna wanted to hear.

Several minutes went by.

"Commander," she said, turning to Talbot. "Notify Security to prepare another team."

Another team? thought Artie as he looked down at the tactical controls. Without both Dedeker and T'merron, and the casualties they'd already suffered, the department had to already be down to half its original size. "Aye, Captain," he said, fighting to contain a look of distress. "Sir, the Jirdegee is dropping out of warp. They'll stop on our flank in thirty seconds."

"Have them ready a recovery team," she instructed. She had no intention of leaving her crew, or the Qlo'ka, on that Glurone ship.

"Aye, Captain," Artie replied, preparing the message for the Jirdegee. The message was relatively easy to type and send over to the Norway-class vessel. The response came rather quickly as well. "Preparations are underway on their end. They'll be ready to receive in just a few minutes."

"Osegan to Batchelder," she said, wanting to get an update from the Chief Engineer on the team's status.

There was no response. In fact, the signal was dead.

"Are we being jammed?" she asked.

"I don't think so, Captain," Geoff offered. "I think its something in the makeup of their hull."

She thought for a moment. "They've gone too far into the ship, maybe. Do we still have a transporter lock on them? Will they need to return to the beam in point for extraction?"

Artie, his engineering mind having taken over, spoke, "They took over a handful of pattern enhancers and isolinear tags. Once those have been activated in unison, we'll be able to get a clear lock and begin transport without issue."

Turning back towards the viewscreen, Trenna resigned herself to waiting, which took some effort. She wanted to kick in the door of the Glurone ship herself and bring her crew, and the Qlo'ka, back.

"Let me know if anything changes."

The Executive Officer could only nod. The Altai and the Jirdegee were both at the mercy of the away team and would certainly be unable to do more until they made contact.

"Captain," Evaad said, "sensors are picking up faint power signatures consistent with the transport pattern enhancers. I'd say they're starting to power them up. Though I'm still having trouble penetrating the hull with most conventional sensors. I can't confirm the number of surviving Qlo'ka or Altai crewmembers until beaming begins."

Several more minutes passed before the comm system came to life.

“Batchelder to Altai: lock on to the tags and start transporting. We’re a person down and I am sick of this shit. Get us the hell out of here!”


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