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The Return

Posted on Sun May 12th, 2019 @ 11:27pm by Captain Osegan Trenna & Ensign Geoff Martinsen & Petty Officer 1st Class Finnegan Siosifa & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Batchelder & Lieutenant Evaad Hessen & Ensign Josiah Hawkins & Chief Petty Officer Juliana Nuñez & Staff Warrant Officer Bryan Itajime

Mission: Light is Dark
Timeline: Mission Day 5 at 1915

“Batchelder to Altai: lock on to the tags and start transporting. We’re a person down and I am sick of this shit. Get us the hell out of here!”

Trenna jumped up from her chair. "Lieutenant!" she called out.

"Pattern enhancers are fully online, and I'm getting readings on the isolinear tags," confirmed Evaad. "The transporter room can commence beaming." His brow furrowed as he looked at this readings. "Captain, given how tenuous the lock is, I'd like to go to the transporter room and work from there. I'm not a transporter expert but I can manage the locks while others operate the equipment."

"Go!" Trenna wanted her people back. Now.

Evaad has pushed away from his console and ran to the turbolift a fraction of a second before Captain Osegan had given the order.

"Commander, can the Jirdegee assist?"

"Signaling now!" Artie shouted, seeing the dozens of active isolinear tags. "It's going to take several minutes for both ships to pull out our people and the Qlo'ka." His console beeped as it flashed a message from their compatriots. "Jirdegee confirms, Captain. They are transporting."

"Batchelder, this is Osegan. We've begun transporting the Qlo'ka. The Jirdegee is pitching in too. What's your status?"

"Everyone's tagged and ready to go, but we keep...god dammit!" The sound of phaser fire interrupted him for a moment, before he responded, "we keep getting pinned down, it's like these assholes never stop coming! We need a beam-out, and we need it now, please!"

"Hessen! Did you hear that?" she called, hoping that the Betazoid Operations Officer was listening in from the transporter room.

“Yes, ma’am!” Evaad said. “There are a lot of people to beam out. I see the tags but I can’t sort. Everyone is going directly into Cargo Bay Four.” He turned to the Transporter technician next to him. “Four is empty?” The tech didn’t say a word before Evaad simply nodded. He heard the answer. “Recommend medics get to Cargo Bay Four on the double.”

"Medical team to Cargo Bay Four!" Osegan called out. She looked at Artie. "I'm going down there. If that ship moves and we don't have everyone, stop them."

"Aye, Captain," Artie replied, checking the sensors to see how the Glurone were faring with their repairs. He didn't see any new indications of power signatures, but that didn't mean that they wouldn't be coming any time soon.

The Bajoran didn't hear her XO as she dashed to the turbolift. The doors closed and she was whisked away to the cargo bay.

Looking up from the tactical station, Artie ordered, "Lieutenant Hessen and Ensign Martinesen, let's make sure our resources are focused on defensive systems and engines. As soon as everyone's aboard, let's make for a quick exit. Signal the Qlo'ka and make sure they're ready to follow us out."

With Hessen not on the bridge, Geoff had moved over to Ops. "On it, Commander," he replied, his hands moving across the console. "Engineering has gotten shields back up to ninety percent. Engines are on standby. Ready when you give the word."

Artie looked over to Operations and paused when he didn't see Lieutenant Hessen standing there. His jaw opened slightly, wondering what happened to the man, only to remember a moment later that the Ops Chief was in the transporter room and not at all on the bridge. "Ensign, the order for Hessen is now yours," he told the younger officer in yellow who had taken Hessen's place.

The XO refocused his attention onto the matter at hand. "Bridge to transporter room. How many are left?"

"We've got about two thirds of them, Commander," replied Evaad over comms. "Give me...ninety seconds and I'll have the rest."


When she arrived, the medical team was already there and tending to the Qlo'ka who had arrived. At a cursory glance, the Qlo'ka all appeared to be in decent condition, though she no way of knowing what sort of internal injuries they might have. They all looked frightened though.

The sound of another group materializing made Trenna look to an empty corner of the room. "Chief," Trenna said upon seeing a member of her security staff among the new arrivals.

Juliana Nuñez has been sitting on a crate, her burnt hand being treated by a medic. “Captain,” she said, her tone sharp and professional. She tried to stand to attention, but the Vulcan medic held her wrist firmly and pulled her back to a seating position. “We have the Qlo’ka. Medical staff are over there attending to them. Their leader, the one who came aboard our ship for dinner, is among them.”

"Thanks Chief," Trenna said before heading towards the medical team. As she approached, the shimmer of another group materializing sounded in the background. "Shipmaster," she said, arriving to the group of Qlo'ka being tended to by Starfleet medics.

"Captain Osegan Trenna," Shipmaster replied. "My gratitude for saving us from the Glurone. From certain death."

"Once this is over, I want to hear about why they're so hellbent on killing you."

Shipmaster took a very full respiration. "Well, Captain Osegan Trenna....."

"I said," Trenna interjected, "when this is over. Stay with your people. Calm them."

"Zynd'ra?" the Qlo'ka asked.

Trenna looked directly at Shipmaster's large, mirrored eyes. "Damaged, but still very much functional."

He cocked his head slightly to the left, a gesture than indicated sincerity. "Thank you."

Another group materialized.

Jon materialized in the cargo bay clutching his left arm and grimacing. He inhaled sharply, and taking a moment to get his bearings, leaned against a support beam, slinking down to a sitting position. "I could use a medic, or a dermal regenerator. Immediately. Failing any of that someone get me a fucking bandage!"

Turning to Osegan, he explained, "Assholes got a potshot on me right as I was beaming out. I think we got all of the Qlo'ka. It's hard to tell. We lost a member of the security team. I'm not sure what else is going on aboard that ship, but my suggestion would be to blow them to hell."

"MEDIC!" she shouted, agreeing with the Chief Engineer's self-triage. "I'm trying to avoid that, Commander. But your recommendation is noted." She looked around and spotted the Asian security warrant officer. "Itajime, get up to the bridge. Might need a more seasoned hand at Tactical."

Bryan nodded and sprinted for the door as a young Bolian in a blue uniform approached.

"I need Commander Batchelder patched up and back on duty ASAP," she informed the medic. "I expect to see you on the bridge soon," she said to the engineer.

Jon looked up at the woman and just nodded, slinking back against the bulkhead and breathing deeply.

The final batch of Qlo'ka and Starfleet officers beamed into Cargo Bay Four not far from the Captain. This batch included Finn Siosifa and the body of Crewman Prozig.

Her hand mostly disinfected, though the feeling was beginning to return to it, Juliana approached the Captain and gestured to Prozig. "She was retreating, Captain," she said. "And those bastards impaled her from behind. She was practically a kid."

If she were religious, Trenna might have prayed to the Prophets on Prozig's behalf. Instead, the Bajoran woman mentally offered up a rather satisfying, Fuck you for taking someone so young! to whatever deity was responsible.

She looked at the casualties of the away team and sighed. She'd ordered them into a bad situation and the dead and injured was her repayment. Don't let it get to you right now, she thought. There's time for blame later. Stay in the game!

"Can you keep things under control here, Nuñez? The Commander's on his way to Sickbay. You're the ranking Security. Most of these folks are you yours."

“Yes, ma’am,” Juliana said with a nod. She found a crate to stand on so she could survey what was happening. “Okay everyone listen up....”


Geoff studied the Ops console, watching the transporter systems cycling. He was impressed by Hessen's skill at juggling the multiple transporters to keep a constant stream of materializations. While he observed, the Ensign also kept an eye on the engines, ready to get them the hell out of there when Hessen gave the all clear. He'd already sent the message to both the Zynd'ra and Jirdegee with both ships responding that they would be ready and follow the Altai's lead.

“Transporter room to Bridge,” called Evaad. “Final batch arriving imminently.” Hands moving quickly over the console, he beamed the last security officer and Qlo’ka into the cargo bay. “Transport complete. I wouldn’t use this Transporter again until Commander Batchelder and I can overhaul it, but we’re done. I’m coming back to the bridge.”


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