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Senior Staff Meetings, the CEO

Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2019 @ 12:52am by Captain Osegan Trenna

Mission: Emergent Situation
Location: Deck 2 | Officer's Lounge & Mess
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

With the Altai successfully underway and the bridge humming with activity, Chris made his way down to Deck Two where the Officers Lounge was located. He had a late breakfast appointment to meet with Lieutenant Commander Talbot, the ships Chief Engineer and Second Officer. Much like his meeting with the CO, Chris preferred to meet other senior officers in an informal setting rather than a stiff and rigid meeting place.

The doors swooshed open and Chris was met with a lounge that was nearly empty. He shrugged, I guess it is a good sign that most people are working, he thought.

One of the few persons that were present was a man donning a gold uniform that was standing near the replicators. Presuming he was the Engineer, Chris stepped over towards him.

"Commander Talbot?"

The normally friendly engineer was happy to see the ship bustling with life, even if much of that life was poured in over the last few days in order to respond to a crisis. The sleepless nights had however taken quite a bit of a toll on Artie. On his way to the Mess Hall, he hadn't smiled at anyone, nor had he acknowledged anyone's greetings. He'd become so focused on getting the Altai up and running weeks ahead of schedule that he'd almost forgotten his very soul.

His interactions with personnel over the last few day were so devoted to duty that when he heard a voice behind him, he could have sworn it was a member of the Engineering or Operations staff with some sort of report, problem, or waiver. As the replicator processed his request for his two over-easy eggs and toast, Artie sighed and turned to see a red-collared man standing there. Before Artie could give a blank stare to signal his confusion, he suddenly remembered why he was in the mess hall in the first place, and that was to meet with the ship's Executive Officer.

Pulling together his wits and energy, Artie managed to plaster a smile on his face. "That's me. At your service, Commander," he greeted.

Chris offered the man a smile and his hand. "I'm Commander Jones, but feel free to call me Chris when we're not working." Talbot was the first of many senior staff that Chris intended to meet, hopefully, while en route to the Bardeezi system.

The man's smile barely helped to lift the engineer's spirits, but even a marginal raise was a positive thing. "I usually go by Artie," he replied, shaking the XO's hand. "A pleasure, Commander."

"Three eggs, soft scrambled and a side of sausage," Chris asked the replicator. He took the food and asked, "How are things going Artie?" He knew the status of the refit, but wanted to get a first hand account from the man responsible for the project.

"Oh," Artie said, turning back around to the replicator where his food was waiting. He picked up the tray and began to look for an open table. Not surprisingly, many were available. He supposed with the ship just getting underway, most of the crew was already on duty, which certainly accounted for the empty chairs. He selected a table near the viewport, allowing them to observe the ship traveling at warp. "I still wish I had those precious weeks to finish the refit. But, such is life in Starfleet."

"Absolutely," Chris said as he took a seat with Talbot. "I'll be honest with you, I haven't been assigned to this ship long, which has caused me to play catch-up in many areas. But, I understand you've been the ship overseeing the refit the longest out of anyone on board."

"Several weeks," Artie replied, picking up a fork. "Well, it's supposed to have been a three-month project, overhauling the warp core drive with some new mechanics and constrictors. I think I barely got two months under my belt before all of this."

Replicated eggs aren't the same, Chris thought as he ate and listened to the Engineer speak. "To what degree is the overhaul completed?"

"Seventy percent," Artie honestly replied. "Thankfully we started from the nacelles first. The entire warp grid was realigned and recoated. The core itself is supposed to receive an overhaul of its own, adjusting the constrictors for faster and lighter flow of matter and antimatter. In short," Artie cut an egg, releasing its contents near the toast. "Less fuel consumption and faster speed. Not by much, but it increases the range of the Steamrunner class by about a month, as well as its response time."

"Have there been any roadblocks during the process; anything that you or I or the Captain should be worried about?" Chris asked.

Artie sampled his eggs, only to find that the computer was not skilled with flavor. "With all due respect, Commander, this mission is a roadblock. I mean, I know Starfleet had no other choice. It's just my job to make sure we don't blow while doing it."

The eggs were nearly finished on Chris's plate, but he didn't feel as if they were enough for his breakfast. "If we are being honest, this mission, or this ship, were not my first choice. However, Starfleet apparently has plans for us all. Now, I'm tasked with making sure the Altai, the Ambassador, and relief supplies make it the Bardeezi system and back." Chris paused before continuing with a slight question, "I believe we're on the same page?"

"Most certainly so," Artie said. No matter how much pride he had in his design and work, he was confident in the Altai and her capability to carry out the mission. "I'll make sure you and the Captain have whatever you need. Just... don't expect it to be at normal speed. Half the systems are bypassed already, and we're still in cruise mode."

"Whatever you can do is all that I ask," Chris responded before finishing off his sausage.

The engineer glanced up and blinked in surprise. The Commander was certainly a fast eater. Artie had barely finished an egg and hadn't even touched his toast. Perhaps he'd attribute his slow progress to his fatigue. "That I can do, Commander," he said.

"Very well," Chris replied with a smile. "I also understand that you've been appointed Second Officer?" Quick flashbacks came to Chris as he remembered his tenure on the Omaha; some were pleasant, and others were... not so pleasant to reminiscence over.

Artie nodded, continuing to eat. "Aside from being a Chief Engineer, it's my first shot at management on a shipwide level. I'm not entirely sure what's expected of me, other than being on the bridge when you and the Captain are away."

"That's a start," Chris said with a nod. "The Captain and I may rely on you to take over, if the opportunity presents itself; this situation we're walking into could go various ways."

"I don't think I've ever seen the ideal mission," said Artie. "Or, at least the ideal result come about. But, you can count on me, Commander."

Chris smiled at the Engineer. "I couldn't agree more Commander," he said as he wiped his mouth with a cloth and stood to make his exit. "I've got to run now. Advise me if there are any problems in the warp core's status, or any other major system prior to our arrival."

"Of course, sir," the engineer replied, nodding his head as he did so. In fact, Artie was amazed that he still had half a breakfast to eat and the XO was now ready to leave. It was just as well, considering that the Commander had quite a bit of catch up to perform. For Artie, the Altai was nothing new. It just happened to be the first time she was moving under her own power since he came aboard. "Have a good day, Commander."

Chris gave him a quick nod as he took his tableware to the replicator for their return. Hopefully, we can get this over with and allow him to finish he refit sooner than later, Chris thought as he left the lounge in search of Sickbay.


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